Universal's 'Dark Arts At Hogwarts' Show Is Huge And Impressive – See A Patronus Spell Created With Drones

Universal Studios Hollywood keeps upgrading The Wizarding World of Harry Potter's offerings. A couple of years back, they began doing a projection mapping show on Hogwarts Castle that was called the Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle. This year they are taking a turn to the Dark Arts and presenting a new nighttime light show based on the evil side of the Wizarding World.

Over the weekend, I got to attend the premiere event for the new show, Dark Arts at Hogwarts. In addition to my thoughts on the new show, I took some video of this stunning event. Watch it below.

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Show

Dark Arts at Hogwarts is billed as a "mesmerizing pageantry of light, music and special effects will unleash the darkest creatures and villains from the Wizarding World, including the powerful Dark wizard Lord Voldemort." Through the use of magical projection mapping, Death Eaters and other spooky creatures, from Aragog and Mountain Trolls to Thestrals, come alive on the castle's exterior, giving us a look at the dark side of the Wizarding World. The whole thing is accompanied by an exclusive musical arrangement conducted by William Ross and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra in London, based on John Williams' original music composed for the film series.

My favorite part is the production's incorporation of drones to produce a Patronus spell in the night's sky to close out the show. It looks unreal. Also, they have added some fog and fire effects to the mix that make this production feel even more significant. I recorded the experience, which can be watched above. Still, nothing beats experiencing it in person; you just miss so much of the atmosphere and the surrounding fog just outside the frame of the video.

I feel like Universal keeps upping the ante every year with this projection show, and I can't even imagine what it will look like five or 10 years down the road. I imagine we'll get more drones, and while the Dark Arts-focused show is cool, I think I'd love something that incorporates all of the Wizarding World. I remember the initial Nighttime Lights presentation was rather short, and I imagine it will only get longer and meatier over time. I wish that Universal would add some practical characters to the mix, but there's not much room in front of the viewing area. But how cool would it be to see Dementors and dark art wizards as part of the show in the foreground?

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle will continue through Sunday, April 28, 2019, at Universal Studios Hollywood then return from May 25 through May 27.