'Child's Play' Offers A First Look At The New And Improved Chucky

Orion Pictures and MGM are done playing around. The studios released a Child's Play image offering the first proper look at the new Chucky in all his creepy glory. The new image is the first full image we have of the new Chucky, who has received quite the sleek makeover, in the form of a smooth, porcelain-looking face and a slicked-back hairstyle. But he's still got those familiar blue overalls and a knife in hand.

Child's Play First Look

Though some fans of the 1988 slasher balked at the sleek makeover that the demonic doll received for the upcoming remake, their enthusiasm was won back with the announcement that Mark Hamill was voicing Chucky. Though the Star Wars: The Last Jedi star is best known for playing a Tatooine farmboy, Hamill is one of the most talented voice actors working today, and has originated some of the most sinister roles on the small screen, including the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. And it seems like the new Chucky will be a role fit for Hamill. Just look at those red eyes — the first time we've seen them in that color, since previous promotional materials show them blue — and that sinister smirk. And I'm sure Child's Play fans are happy that Chucky is still rocking those old overalls.

Directed by Lars Klevberg, Child's Play stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) as a mother who gives her son a new Buddi doll for his birthday, unaware that this doll is about to bring hell into their lives. Gabriel Bateman and Brian Tyree Henry also star in this reimagining of the horror classic from 1988, which could kick off a whole new franchise of toy-based terror.

Here is the official synopsis for Child's Play:

A contemporary re-imagining of the 1988 horror classic, CHILD'S PLAY follows Karen (Aubrey Plaza), a single mother who gifts her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a Buddi doll, unaware of its more sinister nature.

Child's Play opens in theaters on June 21, 2019.