John Boyega Hints At What We Can Expect From 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker'

While appearing on the Star Wars Celebration live feed, John Boyega gave some hints at what we can expect in JJ Abrams' Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It seems we can expect to get more answers and clarity and also more interactions between our fan favorite characters.

Here is what actor John Boyega told Anthony Carboni during the live feed interview:

"The Skywalker saga is done. It felt amazing being part of this final fight. For me, after Episode 8, I wanted more clarity. I had so many questions. I am the Star Wars fan, on set, that likes to debate everything. So for me, I just wanted to see more. I wanted to know about these characters. I wanted to see them together. So I was like, c'mon JJ man, I haven't written a drop yet but I know exactly what the fans want. They want to see everybody together. They want to see the dynamics between Rey and Kylo. They want more explanation of the [Jedi] path. So let's do it! So I'm glad JJ was on the same exact page."

The teaser trailer that dropped this morning certainly showed us some ensemble scenes, and what excites me about Boyega's quote is that JJ will be giving us answers and clarity. Even after Star Wars: The Last Jedi, some things were left unclear. Rey is told that her fear that parents are filthy junk traders is true, but she's told that by an unreliable narrator. Snoke is killed, and we have no idea what his intentions or motivations were. And who are the Knights of Ren, the group that Kylo leads that is only mentioned in one line of dialogue in Force Awakens? I expect we'll get clarity on all of these things and more.

Also, the Star Wars fanatic in me is also excited at the possibility that Abrams will explore more of the Jedi mythology, as Boyega mentions him possibly providing "more explanation of the path."