A Third 'The Walking Dead' Series Is Keeping The Franchise Alive At AMC

It's going to take more than an axe to the head to kill The Walking Dead. AMC's most lucrative TV series has already spun off into a moderately successful second series, Fear the Walking Dead, and now it will be adding a third series into the ever-expanding Walking Dead universe. AMC is reportedly planning a new The Walking Dead spin-off series that will be lead by two young female protagonists and debut sometime in 2020.

Variety broke the news that AMC is planning a third The Walking Dead series which will stand alongside the other two series in the unstoppable franchise, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. The network is reportedly eager to "feature content from a growing universe of Walking Dead stories for the bulk of the year," AMC Networks executives told Variety.

"This allows us to come to the marketplace with completely uninterrupted 'Walking Dead' universe content from post-Super Bowl Sunday to Thanksgiving," Scott Collins, president of ad sales for AMC Networks, told Variety in an interview.

Which means, much like the characters within the Walking Dead shows, we will also be besieged by soulless, flesh-eating husks 24/7.

The yet-untitled series will center around two young female protagonists, according to Sarah Barnett, the president of AMC's entertainment networks, particularly because the young women in the flagship Walking Dead series "have resonated" strongly with audiences. There's no word on whether the female protagonists in this spin-off series will be familiar characters from The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead, or whether they will be entirely new characters. But at this point, what does it matter when The Walking Dead franchise will continue to grow and make millions (The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead together earned a whopping $240.2 million in ad revenue in 2018) long after we're dead?

The new The Walking Dead spin-off will be co-created by Scott Gimple, the chief content officer for the franchise, and Matt Negrete, the writer and producer behind The Walking Dead for the past five seasons. Negrete will serve as showrunner. The series will begin production on 1o episodes this summer in Virgina.