Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Concept Art Gives Us A Look At Resistance And First Order Shops

At this point, we pretty much know what to expect from Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. We've detailed their two big attractions, the Millennium Falcon ride and Rise of the Resistance (the latter of which won't be operational when the new land first opens). But as we approach this summer's grand opening, we're starting to see a bit more of the minutiae from inside the park. To that end, Disney has revealed a couple pieces of concept art for two of its Galaxy's Edge shops at Walt Disney World – and appropriately, one is themed as a Resistance station and the other is representing the First Order. Take a look at the new images below.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Shops

Resistance Supply concept art

First up is Resistance Supply, which is described on the official Disney Parks blog as a "covert Resistance post."

Rendezvous with other Resistance allies in a forested area near the ancient ruins. There, members of the Resistance have set up a secret makeshift post where you can join the cause to defeat the First Order.

Stock up on essential gear and supplies so you're prepared for your next mission, wherever it may take you.

First Order Cargo concept art

And if the light side of the Force isn't your thing, you may prefer First Order Cargo, which features a much more imposing facade.

The First Order has recently arrived in Black Spire Outpost in pursuit of the Resistance. Report for duty and make your way to Docking Bay 9 where the First Order has set up a temporary post next to their shuttle to win the hearts and minds of the locals.

Browse for gear and other products to show your support for the First Order.

One of the most interesting aspects of these shops is that Galaxy's Edge is meant to be a completely immersive environment devoid of the typical onslaught of Disney branding that you see everywhere else in their parks. Instead, these shops (and others in Galaxy's Edge) will sell products that appear to belong in the world of Star Wars.

A quick note: the Disney Parks Blog indicates that these shops will be in Walt Disney World, but previous reports have said that they will appear in both Disney World and Disneyland in California. First Order Cargo and Resistance Supply will open at Walt Disney World on August 29, 2019.