Watch The First Episode Of 'The Twilight Zone' For Free Right Now

If you're still on the fence about joining CBS All Access to partake in Jordan Peele's new version of The Twilight Zone, here's some incentive. The first episode of the highly-anticipated reboot is now available to watch online for free. Called "The Comedian", the episode features Kumail Nanjiani as a struggling stand-up desperate to make it in the biz. His career begins to take off after receiving some advice from a legendary comedian (Tracy Morgan), but as is the case with most things in The Twilight Zone, the success comes with a dark price. Watch the Twilight Zone first episode below.

Watch The Twilight Zone First Episode Here.

The episode is available on YouTube, but embedding has been disabled. You can watch it at the link above.

I've seen the first four episodes of Jordan Peele's new take on The Twilight Zone, and I came away (mostly) impressed. Some of the episodes have ending problems, but overall, the series feels fresh while also remaining true to the spirit of Rod Serling's original. One of those episodes I watched was "The Comedian", which was quite good. Here's what I wrote in my spoiler-free review:

In "The Comedian", Kumail Nanjiani is a struggling stand-up who can't catch a break. Night after night, he strolls out on stage, and tells the same tired, unfunny jokes about gun control and other hot-button topics. Just when his career seems to be at rock bottom, Nanjiani is paid a visit by a legendary comic, played by Tracy Morgan. Morgan's creepily cheerful character offers Nanjiani some advice – advice Nanjiani that follows the next time he's on stage. The results are staggering: the crowd eats it up, much to Nanjiani's shock and pleasant surprise. But when he steps off stage, he finds his life considerably changed in strange ways. Every time he does a set, things change further, in shocking and more disturbing ways. While Nanjiani comes from a comedy background, and has played stand-ups in the past, has never quite played a role like this before. It takes him to dark places, and reveals a range that few filmmakers have exploited so far. Morgan is a particular highlight here, playing his devilish character with a constant, unsettling smirk.

If you're curious about The Twilight Zone, but still haven't signed up for CBS All Access yet, this full first episode is now available to watch above. It might finally do the trick, and convince you to join to witness the rest of what Peele has to offer. The first two episodes of The Twilight Zone are now streaming on CBS All Access. Additional episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays beginning April 11.

Witness if you will, the re-imagining of the most iconic series of all time. Join Academy Award® winner Jordan Peele as he hosts a journey through a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Next stop ahead, The Twilight Zone, now streaming exclusively on CBS All Access.