'Thunder Force' Will Turn Octavia Spencer And Melissa McCarthy Into Superheroes For Netflix

A superhero movie starring Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy? Yes, sign us up. Spencer and McCarthy are close to closing deals to star in Thunder Force, a Netflix superhero flick from writer-director Ben Falcone. Falcone is the wild card here. Spencer and McCarthy are both capable of great things, but Falcone's track-record is a little spotty. Let's hope for the best.

Deadline broke the news about Thunder Force, writing that the folks at Netflix are "wrapping up deals with Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy to star this fall in Thunder Force, a film that Ben Falcone has written and will direct." There are no real details about what Thunder Force is, other than the rumor that Spencer and McCarthy will play characters who gain superpowers. I can definitely see this working, and being hilarious in the process. EW adds that the film "will not be R-rated, rather aiming to appeal to a broad audience."

But then there's that Ben Falcone factor. Falcone, who is also McCarthy's husband, has directed the actress in some truly dire films – TammyThe Boss and Life of the Party. As the recent Can You Ever Forgive Me? solidified, McCarthy is a genuinely great actress...when she's not working with Falcone. I swear I'm not trying to be mean here – I'm sure Falcone is a perfectly nice guy, and the fact that the husband and wife duo like to work together is cool. But I can't help but wish this project was in the hands of literally anyone else.

But maybe the super acting prowess of Spencer and McCarthy will be enough to heroically save the day. Spencer continues to join more and more exciting projects. In addition to Thunder Force, she recently joined the cast of Robert Zemeckis' The Witches reboot. She'll also be seen this year in the Blumhouse horror film Ma, which looks absolutely delightful and weird.

McCarthy, meanwhile, will next be seen in the comic book adaptation The Kitchen, co-starring Elisabeth Moss and Tiffany Haddish. The three will play wives of New York gangsters in Hell's Kitchen in the 1970s who continue to run their husbands' criminal empire after the men are locked up in jail. McCarthy will also appear in Superintelligence, a comedy in which the actress plays a woman whose "life is turned upside down when she is selected for observation by the world's first superintelligence – a form of artificial intelligence that may or may not take over the world." Falcone is the director behind that as well.