Jordan Peele Is Interested In Returning To His 'Us' Movie Universe

Writer/director Jordan Peele has proven without a doubt that he's no fluke. After winning an Oscar for writing Get Out, his latest film, Us, is a scary, no-holds-barred plunge into deep thematic waters, the type of film that demands interpretation and discussion.

But while star Lupita Nyong'o doesn't seem particularly interested in returning to this movie's universe, Peele himself is keeping the door open for a possible prequel or sequel. Read his comments about that and the movie's detailed mythology below. Spoilers ahead.

During a red carpet premiere for Us, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o told a reporter that she was "retired from the Tethered world" and would not come back for a sequel, despite a tantalizing ending that could theoretically be a launchpad for continuing the story in this world.

But in an interview with Polygon, when Peele was asked if he would ever return to the Us-verse, he seemed enthusiastic about the possibility:

"Sure! It's a fun one. There's a lot going on there. The 'Us-verse' ... I like that."

In that same interview, Peele explained that he crafted a detailed mythology for that cinematic world because it was practically a requirement for telling a story like this:

"I have the entire mythology of this world because the audience can tell if you don't. The choice becomes how much of that mythology do you reveal. The line that I'm exploring in this movie is a very difficult line. Some people might want less explanation. Some people might want more explanation. I'm trying to serve whatever your appetite is, but ultimately I'm trying to give enough context to be able to discuss and hypothesize about more. When it's all wrapped up neatly and perfectly, it alleviates the fear. I don't want to do it."

I've seen several people get hung up on the details of how the Tethered world functions in Us, trying to figure out literal answers to questions like where the golden scissors came from or where each of the Tethered got their red jumpsuits. Peele specifically doesn't include those answers in the film, but his comments here indicate that answers do exist – he's just not interested in spelling everything out. I think it's a smart approach, one that allows for a more visceral, gut-level response to the movie and its themes and metaphors. It's unclear if Peele will ever reveal any of those details to fans, but it sounds like he'd be wise not to – especially if he's actually considering returning to that cinematic universe someday. Maybe another movie set there would provide more satisfying answers...or, more likely, just raise dozens more tantalizing questions that will leave us talking about for the next few years. Never change, Jordan Peele.