Daily Podcast: Zack Snyder's Insane Vision For The DCEU, And Jordan Peele's 'Us' Spoiler Discussion Part 2

On the March 26, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall, senior writer Ben Pearson and writer Chris Evangelista to discuss some brief film news involving Zack Snyder. We will also talk Us spoilers and answer some of your reader emails.

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Opening Banter: Water Cooler will return tomorrow, we promise this time. HT is out sick today so it was pushed back.

In The News:

Us spoiler discussion part 2:

  • Chris gives his thoughts on the film and his interpretation.
  • Peter saw the movie for the second time and here are his notes:
  • Lupita's dad is playing Whack-A-Mole, a game about hitting underground creatures and keeping them down. Strangely he is seen to only be hitting the same hole, what does that mean?
  • The daughters Zora's green hoodie says "th?" which means rabbit in Vietnamese

Is the candy apple maybe a reference to the garden of Eden story?

  • Why are there desks and chalkboard rooms in the underground?
  • The big storm knocked the power out while she was in the fun house, allowing the escalator to stop and the tethered to escape.
  • Not only is 11:11 the time in which it happens and the sign but the baseball game is tied 11-11 and the ambulance in the last shot of the movie is numbered 1111. The prize in the beginning was 11.
  • "I have the highest kill count in the family" is such an American thing to argue.
  • When they are in their friends house and Adelaide is arguing they leave to Mexico, the husband insists that where they are is the safest place on the planet or something. United States allegory?
  • The opening text on the screen about the underground tunnels ends with something like "Many have no known purpose." And the rest of the text disappears leaving just that line.
  • Red is the only one of the tethered that can talk, probably the best clue to the twist. Also Adelaide tells Elisabeth Moss' character on the beach, "I'm not good at... talking."
  • The dad mentions on the Santa Cruz boardwalk that a movie was being filmed nearby. This scene took place in 1986, around the time The Lost Boys was being filmed.
  • All of the tethered wears gloves on their right hand like Michael Jackson.
  • Adelaide's smile at the end: did she know she was the tethered the whole time?

In The Mail Bag:

  • Kevin writes in "The frisbee represents tethered Adelaide taking original Adelaide place and living with originals hence red frisbee (tethered adelaide) covering blue circle (original adelaide) and being surrounded other blue circles with her pretending to fit in. Her removing the frisbee is her deny who she is and that she should belong above."
  • Steven K writes in "Ben, you need context to understand the Jeremiah verse... We've abandoned progress and reverted back to the sins of our forefathers... Capitalism is becoming feudalism and justice is swinging back towards the early 20th century. My take: Trump is a symptom, not the subject."

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