'Body At Brighton Rock' Trailer: The Survivalist Thriller Goes Paranoid Horror

Survivalist thrillers are a dime a dozen, but Body at Brighton Rock promises to deliver something a little more horror-tinged in this independent feature film that made a debut at SXSW. Watch the first Body at Brighton Rock trailer below.

Body at Brighton Rock Trailer

Directed by Roxanne BenjaminBody at Brighton Rock follows newbie park ranger Wendy (Karina Fontes), who volunteers to survey a trail normally reserved for the more experienced of her co-workers. But when she loses her map and breaks her communication device, Wendy stumbles upon a dead body near the trail and must stand guard over it overnight as she awaits for help to come in the morning. Everything seems to go fine until Wendy hears something go bump in the night.

The film debuted at SXSW this month to mixed revies, though /Film's Meredith Border raved about the film in her review, saying Body at Brighton Rock was like "R.L Stine's Fear Street series" meets "any Christopher Pike book." She writes:

The film is so fun to look at, even in these darkest moments, thanks to Benjamin's strong sense of style and Hannah Getz's vivid, engaging cinematography. Every shot is thoughtful and visually appealing, from the moments where Wendy's shooting the shit with her friends in the office to those where she's trembling in terror in the woods. It's more suspenseful than outright scary, and the twisty payoff is one that might lose a lot of viewers, but feels like a note-perfect Christopher Pike nod – one that was especially satisfying to this Christopher Pike nerd.

While the trailer does a good job establishing that dread-filled mood, the film does look a bit cheap even for an independent film. However, Meredith seems to give effusive praise for it, so it may be worth checking out once Body at Brighton Rock opens in theaters and on demand on April 26, 2019.

Here is the synopsis for Body at Brighton Rock:

Wendy, a part-time summer employee at a mountainous state park, takes on a rough trail assignment at the end of the season, trying to prove to her friends that she's capable enough to do the job. When she takes a wrong turn and ends up deep in the backcountry, she stumbles upon what might be a potential crime scene. Stuck with no communication after losing her radio and with orders to guard the site, Wendy must fight the urge to run and do the harder job of staying put – spending the night deep in the wilderness, facing down her worst fears and proving to everyone – including herself – that she's made of stronger stuff than they think she is.