'Sesame Street' And Tom And Jerry' Movies Both Set For 2021 Release Dates

Get out your 2021 calendar and get ready to block off some family time. Warner Bros. has locked down release dates for both their untitled Sesame Street movie, and the animation/live-action hybrid Tom and Jerry movie. Anne Hathaway is set to star in the Sesame Street movie, which is a musical, while Tim Story will direct Tom and Jerry

sesame street movie

Sesame Street Movie

If you were to ask me, in a sing-song voice, "Can you tell me how to get...how to get to the Sesame Street movie?", I would reply "I sure can!" Just hang a left at the corner and drive straight towards January 15, 2021. That's when Warners plans to release their new Sesame Street musical movie starring Anne Hathaway, according to Deadline. This would mark the first big screen Sesame Street movie since 1999's The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

Plot details of the movie aren't available yet, but Portlandia's  Jonathan Krisel will direct, with Stranger Things' Shawn Levy producing. One can assume the film will feature everyone's favorite characters – Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie, Elmo, and my personal favorite, the vampire who loves math. And Anne Hathaway will be in there, too, enjoying the hell out of herself, as she usually does.

Tom and Jerry movie

Tom and Jerry Movie

The family fun will continue in 2021 with the Tom and Jerry movie, also from Warner Bros. The new big screen adventures of the animated cat and his nemesis, an animated mouse, will arrive April 16, 2021. Tim Story, director of BarbershopRide Along and the upcoming Shaft reboot/sequel, is helming. The Tom and Jerry movie will blend live-action with animation, Roger Rabbit style. As we previously reported, Warners is "aiming for a balance of animated features and live-action hybrids, and in a rare move, the studio has made a concerted effort to make sure the animation and live-action teams are working hand-in-hand in developing these projects, something rarely seen at other studios."

This won't be the first Tom and Jerry movie – 1992 saw the release of the all-animated Tom and Jerry: The Movie, which broke with tradition and had the cat and mouse duo talk on screen. The new film isn't going to take such risks – Tom and Jerry will be silent this time, so you can take a deep breath. I know how much this was worrying you.

So gather the kids around now, and then tell them they have to wait for two more years!