Watch: /Film Visits The New 'Aquaman' Exhibit On The Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Last year, /Film visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour to experience their Justice League exhibit, but that entire area has now been completely overhauled to create an all-new exhibit full of costumes and props from director James Wan's Aquaman. Join us as we head under the sea to reveal what the new exhibit has to offer.

Aquaman Exhibit

"This exhibit is unbelievable," Aquaman producer Peter Safran told us at a Q&A. "We put so much blood, sweat, tears, creativity, and craftsmanship into building these props, building these wardrobes, building these sets. And the fact that the audience and the public get to see the detail that went into it – which is so rare, to get that opportunity to see the craftsmanship – is a beautiful thing. We love it. I'm thrilled. When I walked in there today, I felt like I was back on the set in Australia when we shot it. It's an incredible exhibit."

During our Justice League visit last year, one of the executives told us that the area dedicated to Wonder Woman in the back of the main room would be replaced, but either they were misinformed or the plan changed, because the Wonder Woman section is currently still standing. It makes sense: why keep up monuments to Justice League when they can promote Aquaman and Wonder Woman, two movies that are far more beloved? (Not coincidentally, those latter two films outperformed Justice League at the box office by a considerable margin.)

Frankly, I'm still shocked that Aquaman has somehow become the highest-grossing movie in DC history, topping even Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. But audiences can't seem to get enough of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, and they seem to be excited about returning to that world even if Momoa isn't involved: a spin-off movie about the Trench people has already been given the go-ahead. Safran recently explained that the Trench spin-off will hit theaters before Aquaman 2, which arrives in 2022, so fans should have the opportunity to dive back into this undersea world in just a year or two. In the meantime, Aquaman is available to own on digital video right now, and it swims onto Blu-ray and DVD on March 26, 2019.