'Cruising' Vinyl Soundtrack Being Released For The Very First Time Via Waxwork Records

The full, never-before-released soundtrack to William Friedkin's controversial 1980 thriller Cruising is now available on vinyl from Waxwork Records. Featuring the original 1980 soundtrack release expanded to include all the music in the film (and some tracks that didn't even make the final cut), this is a release that soundtrack fiends are going to want to snap up. More on the Cruising vinyl soundtrack below.

In 1980, William Friedkin, director of The ExorcistThe French Connection and more, released Cruising, starring Al Pacino. The film was already controversial before anyone had actually seen a single frame. The plot involves Pacino's character, a cop named Steve Burns, going undercover in New York's S&M spots, trying to track down a serial killer preying on gay men. When word of this subject matter got out, many in the gay community were outraged, not just because the film involved a subplot full of violence directed towards homosexuals, but also because many feared Friedkin would portray the gay community in a negative, even judgmental light. Friedkin insisted he had no intention of doing that, but protests continued all throughout the shoot.

"I simply used the background of the S&M world to do a murder mystery," Friedkin said years later. "But the timing of it was difficult because of what had been happening to gay people...many critics who wrote for gay publications or the underground press felt that the film was not the best foot forward as far as gay liberation was concerned, and they were right. Now it's reevaluated as a film. It could be found wanting as a film, but it no longer has to undergo the stigma of being an anti-gay screed, which it never was."

Critics didn't care for Cruising upon release, and it was only a moderate box office success. In the years since its release however, some have come to appreciate the film, giving it a cult following in the process. Now, Waxwork Records is releasing the full Cruising soundtrack for the very first time, complete with an essay written by Friedkin. Here are the details:

Available for the first time, the original 1980 soundtrack release has been expanded to include the complete film music. Spanning three LP's, Waxwork worked closely with director William Friedkin, Sony, and Universal Pictures to locate and unearth the original masters that include the original Jack Nitzsche score sessions, the Germs recording sessions, and all music recorded for the film featuring The Cripples, Barre Phillips, Mutiny, and many more. This is the long awaited and definitive Cruising soundtrack release requested by fans of the film, punk rock, and the counter culture for decades.

Waxwork's Cruising Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Score features the complete music recorded for the film pressed to 180 gram Blue, Black, and White colored vinyl, a 12"x12" booklet featuring an exclusive essay by director William Friedkin on the intense making of the film and creation of it's music, album design and layout by Aesthetic Apparatus, triple gatefold jackets with satin coating and spot UV gloss, and all music sourced and re-mastered from the original master tapes.

CRUISING Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Score:

  • The Complete Soundtrack and Score Session Recordings
  • 180 Gram Blue, Black, and White Vinyl
  • Exclusive Essay By William Friedkin
  • 12"x12" Booklet
  • Design By Aesthetic Apparatus
  • Triple LP Gatefold Jackets with Spot UV Gloss
  • Side A

  • Willy DeVille – Heat Of The Moment
  • The Cripples – Loneliness
  • John Hiatt – Spy Boy
  • Madelynn Von Ritz – When I Close My Eyes I See Blood
  • Mutiny – Lump
  • Side B

  • Rough Trade – Shake Down
  • Willy DeVille – Pullin' My String
  • Germs – Lions Share
  • The Cripples – Hypnotize
  • Willy DeVille – It's So Easy
  • Side C

  • Barre Phillips – A-I-A
  • Ralph Towner – Waterwheel
  • Side D

  • Barre Phillips – Movement
  • Egberto  Gismonti – Movement
  • Mutiny – The Ballad Of Capt. Hymbad
  • Side E

  • Germs – Throw It Away
  • Germs – Not All Right
  • Germs – Now I Hear The Laughter
  • Germs – Going Down
  • Germs – My Tunnel
  • The Cripples – New York Street Rap
  • Side F

  • The Cripples – Hepcat
  • Rough Trade – Hurry
  • Rough Trade – Long Distance Runner
  • Rough Trade – Don't Let It Get To Your Head
  • Mutiny – Reality
  • Mutiny – How's Your Loose Booty?
  • Mutiny – Will It Be Tomorrow?
  • On Sale Friday, March 1st 2019 from Waxwork Records.