'Fosse/Verdon' Trailer: Sam Rockwell And Michelle Williams Aren't Giving It All Away In New FX Series

FX has released the official Fosse/Verdon trailer, but don't worry, they're not giving it all away. Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams star in the FX miniseries about director and choreographer Bob Fosse and dancer Gwen Verdon, whose tumultuous partnership nevertheless helped produce hits like Cabaret, Chicago, and All That Jazz. Watch the official Fosse/Verdon trailer below.

Fosse/Verdon Trailer

Based on the biography Fosse by Sam Wasson, Fosse/Verdon is an eight-episode miniseries that centers around the close "romantic and creative relationship" between Bob Fosse (Rockwell), one of theater's most influential choreographers, and Gwen Verdon (Williams), his muse, wife and the greatest Broadway dancer of all time. Their partnership was one of tumult and talent, as the duo created some of Broadway's greatest hits but whose marriage was mired in infidelity and drama. Which makes their relationship prime for the small-screen treatment, /Film's Lindsey Romain writes. Fosse and Verdon were one of the "all-time-great showbiz romances" whose " love produced a golden age of musical splendor."

The official trailer hones in on that volatile relationship, telegraphing Fosse and Verdon's first meeting, to the first creative and romantic sparks that made them such a powerful couple, to the eventual disintegration of their marriage. Rockwell and Williams are electric onscreen, and seem like they will do justice to the larger-than-life figures that they're playing.

With Lin-Manuel Miranda is executive producing this series, which also stars Paul Reiser, Aya Cash, and Nate Coddry.

Here is the official synopsis for Fosse/Verdon:

Bob Fosse is a visionary filmmaker and one of theater's most influential choreographers and directors. Gwen Verdon is the greatest Broadway dancer of all time. Fosse/Verdon will tell the story of these two brilliant, complicated individuals – the love they shared, the art they created, and the price they paid in the pursuit of greatness.

Fosse/Verdon premieres on FX on April 9, 2019