'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Reboot Loses 'Deadpool' Writers Rhett Reese And Paul Wernick

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean reboot is going to need some new writers. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, writers behind Deadpool and Zombieland, were tasked with steering the Disney franchise towards uncharted waters, but they've now sailed off in another direction. Reese and Wernick have left due to being too busy with other obligations. Now, the fate of the Pirates reboot remains uncertain.

Deadline broke the news about the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot writers leaving the project.  Disney film production head Sean Bailey was very excited about Reese and Wernick taking over writing duties, and had hoped the pair would bring the same amount of subversive humor they brought to Deadpool to the Pirates series. But now, Reese and Wernick are gone, and Disney isn't sure what to do next. Per the Deadline story:

"Disney insiders are divided about what happens next. Some say a search is already underway for viable replacement options, others say the once-proud flagship of Disney's live-action fleet may be headed to dry-dock for good."

This seems a bit defeatist. Are Reese and Wernick the only writers in town? Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly jumping for joy over the idea of a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. But to give up on the idea entirely because one writing team walked away seems like a bit much. There has to be someone out there who can bring something new to this series.

The Pirates series has hauled in $4.5 billion in worldwide box office and $2.5 billion in global merchandise, making it very profitable for Disney. At the same time, the series has begun to show its age, and star Johnny Depp is on a bit of a decline. The entire series so far has been focused on Depp's Jack Sparrow, but the actor has been the subject of some personal matters that have tarnished his image a bit. On top of that, he requests a considerable salary for appearing in these movies. Disney thinks they can start fresh without him, and save money in the process.

But first, they're going to need new writers. The Deadline piece adds that there's been some talk about making a Pirates of the Caribbean TV series instead – possibly for Disney's new streaming service Disney+. But there's a concern that making such a show with multiple episodes would be incredibly expensive compared to making one movie.

While the future looks uncertain, I'm confident Disney will figure something out. There's too much money to be made to let the Pirates franchise sink.