The Russo Brothers' Mysterious Amazon Show Is A "Global Spy Series" With International Spin-Offs Coming [TCA 2019]

During their summer Television Critics Association last year, Amazon announced a new series from Avengers: Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo...and didn't offer any information about it. Just having the Russo Brothers create a show was enough, and there were some hints that it would be international in multiple languages. Today, Amazon revealed more details about the Russo Brothers show – though still not a title. Here are three things we now know about the Russo Brothers' new Amazon series.

We Know The Genre

Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Prime originals, described the show as "this ground-breaking, action-packed, character-driven spy series."That sounds like it's up the Russos' alley. They turned Captain America: The Winter Soldier into a spy movie. Now they can do a straight spy drama without superheroes, and delve deeper into characters over several episodes.

They've Hired a Team

Salke also announced that Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, Scott Rosenberg, and Jeff Pinkner are joining Joe and Anthony Russo as writers and executive producers. These are all big names in television. Appelbaum and Nemec come from Alias and produced Zoo and Everything Sucks! Rosenberg joined them on the latter two shows and most of their other productions. Pinkner produced Lost and Fringe.The Russos will be busy making movies, but TV series take more than one team to produce. Assembling this group of powerhouses ensures every episode will be in experienced hands, and they should be on the same page since they've all crossed over in the TV world.

The First Two Spin-Offs Will Be Italian and Indian

The most ambitious aspect of this untitled series is that it includes international series specific to their regions. The first two will be produced in India and Italy, while the Russos' flagship series is in English."Those shows that are produced in India and Italy will be local language," said Vernon Sanders, co-head of TV at Amazon.Salke added that Indian and Italian showrunners would get to produce them."Those shows will be under the umbrella of the Russos and creative team but have their own local team of creators and writers executing those shows," Salke said. "They are organic and appealing to the local market there but they will inform and be part of the greater global show that is an English speaking global spy series. We just think that soon there's a world that these hit shows can come from anywhere. They can break through and come from countries where English is not the language."Co-head of TV Albert Cheng added, "We're a global network and we're going to be making shows for all of our customers all over the world, English and non-English."We'll be bringing you more about the Russo Brothers spy show as it develops.