'Pavarotti' Trailer: Ron Howard Wants To Take You To The Opera

Ron Howard is leaving Star Wars behind and heading to the opera. The filmmaker's latest is the documentary Pavarotti, focusing on the opera singer who became one of the most successful tenors of all time, Luciano Pavarotti. The doc will feature both classic performances from the late tenor, as well as never-before-seen footage. Watch the Pavarotti trailer below.

Pavarotti Trailer

In a bit of career whiplashing, Ron Howard's first Solo: A Star Wars Story follow-up is a documentary about the legendary Pavarotti. Didn't see that coming. While most opera singers don't cross over into the mainstream, Pavarotti did just that, becoming something of a pop culture icon. Howard's documentary Pavarotti will presumably help audiences understand how the singer became such an icon.

The doc has been "created from a combination of Luciano Pavarotti's genre-redefining performances and granted access to never-before-seen footage," and the movie "will give audiences around the world a stunningly intimate portrait of the most beloved opera singer of all time." This trailer debuted during the Grammy Awards, and Howard hopped on Twitter to talk up the project, including the sound mixing.

Howard has made docs about musicians before. In 2016, he released Eight Days a Week, a documentary focused on the early years of The Beatles. And 2017 saw the release of Howard's Jay-Z: Made in America. "When we did The Beatles docu, or for that matter Jay-Z's Made In America, the amazing music was a big benefit, but I'm always more fascinated in the human interest side and the stories behind the music," the filmmaker said, adding:

"I didn't know that much about opera, but always found Pavarotti a charismatic figure, whom I'd met in the '80s. Like with many people, he was my introduction to opera as something that was accessible, moving and emotional. Probably the only opera albums I bought were by Pavarotti. One of the pleasing things about The Beatles documentary was the opportunity to tell a compelling single viewing experience that honored and respected in an authentic way those who really knew their story and understood the nuances of the music and individuals, while heightening the curiosity of people who thought they knew The Beatles but really didn't have any idea of the depth and power of their story. I hope to do the same here."

Pavarotti will sing its way into theaters on June 7, 2019 just in time for the summer blockbuster season.