"New Fox" Is Now Fox Entertainment, Announces Sidecar Development Platform And Doubles Down On Animation [TCA 2019]

Since the announcement of the Disney/Fox acquisition, the Fox Broadcasting side has referred to themselves as New Fox. The Fox network, Fox News Channel and other cable platforms will remain separate from the 20th Century Fox productions and other assets acquired by Disney. Today, Charlie Collier, the new CEO of Fox Entertainment, discussed the future of Fox.

Fox Entertainment

"We've renamed simply Fox Entertainment," Collier said. "Fox Entertainment is an open canvas upon which we'll create new ways to do business. It's a startup company, albeit with roughly 26 billion dollars in valuation."Fox Entertainment is certainly more specific than "New Fox." It also speaks to the network's commitment to entertainment, whether scripted dramas and comedies, or live sporting events like the NFL and WWE. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what they call it. What will matter is what shows they make.


Collier announced that Fox Entertainment has launched a "content development accelerator" called Sidecar. Former Fox president Gail Berman will run Sidecar."Sidecar will be focused on incubating programming first for Fox and where relevant for third party platforms," Collier said.A press release sent out by Fox described Sidecar:

"Under Berman's leadership, SIDECAR will be responsible for developing scripted and unscripted programming to complement the active development of FOX.  FOX Entertainment will retain ownership of all series that originate under the SIDECAR banner."

In the press release, Collier gave a lengthier quote: 

"The beauty of a SIDECAR is that the riders are literally headed in the same direction, and having Gail Berman riding shotgun is about as good as it gets," said Collier.  "Michael Thorn, Rob Wade and their teams have FOX firing on all cylinders.  So, extending their reach and allowing creators another door through which to access our brands, business and executives is the right strategic move at the time we need it.  I'm a great admirer of Gail's work as both a producer and executive. The respect she commands, her impeccable taste and the meaningful relationships she's amassed will help fuel FOX Entertainment with quality programming and allow Michael and Rob an even greater palate from which to paint.  Everybody wins."

Launching a new development initiative sounds promising. Again, its success will be determined by the shows it actually develops. Most networks develop their own shows and entertain third party pilots. Sidecar sounds like a focus to own Fox Entertainment's own content. Given the loss of 20th Century Fox, Sidecar fills a potential void in the network's infrastructure. Bringing Berman back into the fold seems like a deliberate move to maintain the integrity of Fox's brand.

Animation is Still Domination

Part of Collier's announcement put a deliberate focus on the network's animation slate. Fox announced a two season renewal of The Simpsons, and Fox Entertainment is developing two new animated series to join Family Guy and Bob's Burgers on Sunday nights.Duncanville features the voices of Amy Poehler, from creators Poehler, Mike Scully and Julie Thacker. Bless the Harts comes from executive producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with the voices of Kristen Wiig, Ike Barinholtz, Maya Rudolph and Jillian Bell."If you're an animator, there is no better place to showcase your work than Sunday nights on Fox," Collier said. "This is the network that set the standard for prime time animation. We're intent on finding the next generation of culture-defining animated comedies."