'Pet Sematary' Trailer: They Don't Come Back The Same

Stephen King's most terrifying novel comes back to life with Pet Sematary, a remake/new adaptation that looks seriously scary. You likely know the story: a family moves into a new house, only to discover a pet cemetery in the woods out back. And beyond that lies another burial ground...one with the power to raise the dead. What could go wrong? Watch the new Pet Sematary trailer below.

Pet Sematary Trailer

Of all the Stephen King adaptations in the works, this is the one I'm most excited for. I'm a lifelong King fan, and Pet Sematary is my personal favorite of all his novels. That alone puts any Pet Sematary movie immediately on my radar. But I also had the opportunity to visit the Pet Sematary set last year, and what I saw there increased my anticipation tenfold. It's clear that everyone involved with this project – the directors, the producers, the cast – are taking it very seriously. They're not just setting out to make a horror movie with cheap scares. They're trying to make a genuinely great movie that will scare the shit out of you. And based on this trailer, and the previous teaser, I think they might have pulled it off.

Pet Sematary stars Jason Clarke as Louis Creed, a doctor who moves his wife (Amy Seimetz) and kids to a rural location in Maine. While there, the family befriends elderly neighbor Jud Crandall (John Lithgow), who clues them in on a "pet sematary" located deep in the woods. But Jud also knows about another burial ground – one with supernatural powers. The moral of the story: don't move to Maine.

This isn't the first Pet Sematary adaptation. In 1989, Mary Lambert helmed a creepy film version that had a script written by King himself. That film mostly holds up, but there was definitely room for improvement. It's clear from the footage in this trailer that the new adaptation is remaining true to King's book, while also adding new details that audiences won't see coming.

"There were a lot of things in the book that we were always big fans of or things that didn't even make it into the original movie that we wanted to do," co-director Kevin Kölsch said during the set visit. "And we worked hard to get those into the script. That has been our approach, to be faithful to the book. But the best remakes are the things that stay faithful to the essence, not necessarily every single thing that happens. We're making some changes, or doing some decisions based on the kind of things that we think would be really cool, but it's all within the essence and the spirit of the original source material."

Pet Sematary opens April 5, 2019.