Is 'The Room' Director Tommy Wiseau Making A Big Shark Movie Called 'Big Shark'?

Hey, what do you think Tommy Wiseau has been up to? If you guessed "Making a shark movie," you are correct. The auteur behind The Room has revealed a look at his new movie, which is called, appropriately enough, Big Shark. The film is set in New Orleans, and focuses on three firefighters trying to save the world...from a big shark.

Or maybe, just maybe, this is all a big joke. More on Big Shark below!

Bloody Disgusting has the details on Big Shark, courtesy of the German site Film Flutter, and a German reader who translated some the info. During a screening of The Room at the Prince Charles Theatre, a teaser for Big Shark was revealed in all its terrible glory. You can watch an extremely poor quality copy of the trailer in the short link. In the trailer, Wiseau and his two friends, played by Isaiah LaBorde and The Room's Greg Sestero, are walking through a street when they suddenly notice water flowing at their feet. In the blink of an eye, the water has risen to hip-length, at which point a giant shark, rendered in cartoonish CGI, swims forth with its jaws snapping.

Based on the article, it looks like Big Shark hasn't actually been made yet. Wiseau just shot this teaser for promotional purposes. The plan is to get the movie done in time to premiere it by September. The movie will be set in New Orleans because Wiseau has apparently been living there, and he wants to give something back to the city. That's right, the director of The Room is gifting a big shark movie to a city. You're welcome, New Orleans.

Obviously, if you're a fan of what Wiseau does, and the recent film The Disaster Artist, this is good news. The filmmaker/actor/possible space alien has done other things since The Room, but it's really that disasterpiece that has kept his reputation up. It would be nice if he managed to top it with something even more ridiculous, and Big Shark might be the film to do it. Just the thought of a shark immediately showing up in a suddenly flooded street is enough to get my attention. Throw in the subplot about firemen saving the world (from the big shark), and we're on our way to another Wiseau classic. Or maybe it will just be completely unwatchable, you never know.

But here's the thing: this might not actually be happening at all. In fact, it might just be one big joke, as the following tweet reveals.

Sorry to get your hopes up, fans of big shark movies. Of course, you never know – maybe Wiseau will see the reaction to this, and decide to make it after all. We can dream.