New 'Star Wars' Books Will Take Readers To Batuu, Provide Recipes For Galaxy's Edge Food, And Tell Dragon Stories

A few days ago, Marvel announced that they would be producing a Star Wars comic series that takes place on Batuu, the Outer Rim planet that will be the home of Disneyland's and Walt Disney World's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. But a new announcement shows that Lucasfilm has plenty of other ways for fans to visit that far-flung locale, including a new novel about Leia Organa's involvement with Batuu, a cookbook with recipes for food you can buy at the theme park, a young adult novel, and stories of myths and legends within the Star Wars universe. has the breakdown of each of these new books. You can read about the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge comic miniseries here, but here's a quick summary of other Batuu-related content that's on the way.

Black Spire

A novel called Black Spire will arrive on September 3, 2019. Set before the Disney Parks experience begins, the novel follows along as "General Leia Organa dispatches her top spy to Batuu in a desperate search for Resistance allies." Does that mean Poe Dameron is stopping by Batuu, or will we meet a new "top spy" instead? Black Spire is written by Delilah S. Dawson, the writer behind the 2017 Star Wars novel Phasma.

A Crash of Fate

This one's a young adult novel from writer Zoraida Córdova, who contributed a short story to the 2017 Star Wars anthology book From a Certain Point of View. Here's the synopsis:

Izzy and Jules were best friends until Izzy's family abruptly left Batuu when she was six. Now she's back, and Jules, the boy who never left, is unsure what to make of her. While on the run from vengeful smugglers and an angry pirate, the two friends will come to terms with who they are, and what they mean to each other.

A Crash of Fate arrives on August 6, 2019.

Star Wars: Myths & Fables

Here's one that sounds like I would have loved it when I was a kid – a middle grade novel about the "thrilling space tales, fables, and myths that are told in a galaxy far, far away." George Mann wrote the book, which features cool illustrations by Grant Griffin. Did you know there are dragons in the Star Wars universe? I didn't realize the skeleton on Tatooine that C-3PO and R2-D2 pass by is the skeleton of a creature called a krayt dragon, so it seems like there may be a hint of truth to some of the creatures that appear in this book. Two of the stories are set on Batuu, but you can read an excerpt from a story set on Tatooine here. Myths & Fables will also be available on August 6, 2019.


There's also going to be an official Galaxy's Edge cookbook coming from Insight Editions, "featuring some of the exotic cuisine created for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge as well as dishes drawn from the saga's history, written for home cooks of all ages and skill levels by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, New York Times bestselling author of A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook and The World of Warcraft Cookbook, with Marc Sumerak (Star Wars: Droidography)."

WDWNT points out that in the new book Star Wars: Pirate's Price, we get a peek into Oga's Cantina, the watering hole that Galaxy's Edge theme park guests will be able to visit. A pirate named Hondo Ohnaka offers a character two drinks – the Fuzzy Tauntaun and the Carbon Freeze – and other foods like Sarlacc Juice, Blue Bantha Buttermilk Biscuits, Blue Bespin Breakfast Bars, Blue Puff Cubes, Bantha Butter Pancakes, and Glowblue Noodles are mentioned throughout the novel. The site also says guests will "be able to sample Galaxy's Edge Ale as poured from a tap made of old, worn-out technology and parts like droid arms and even an antique lightsaber hilt."

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens this summer at Disneyland in California.