Netflix Has More Certified Fresh Movies Than All Other Streaming Services Combined

It seems to be commonly accepted that Netflix has a bad selection of movies...but not according to Rotten Tomatoes. Though the streaming giant has been dinged for having a streaming library that doesn't seem to know movies before 1985, the number of Rotten Tomatoes "Certified Fresh" films on the service outnumbers all of its closest competitors combined.

Streaming Observer (via Gizmodo) took up the task of analyzing which of the big four video streaming services — Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO NOW/GO — had the most movies in its library to hold a "Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes — meaning a Tomatometer rating of 75% or higher with a minimum of 40 reviews for independent releases, 80 for major releases. And they found something interesting: not only did Netflix have the most "Certified Fresh" movies by a landslide, they had more fresh films than all the other streaming services combined. This despite the fact that Prime Video's streaming library is 4.5 times Netflix's size.

Here's the breakdown of Streaming Observer's findings:

Netflix - 596 movies "Certified Fresh" out of 3,839 available movies.

Prime Video - 232 movies "Certified Fresh" out of 17,461 available movies.Hulu - 223 movies "Certified Fresh" out of 2,336 movies available to stream.HBO - 38 movies "Certified Fresh" out of 815 movies available to stream.

This means that Netflix has about double the number of certified fresh movies that Amazon has, with a quarter of the amount of movies. Of course, this isn't concrete proof that Netflix has more high quality movies than all other services, as the Tomatometer is more an indication that the majority of critics had a positive reaction to a movie, not that a movie is actually good. But it sure is something to note.

Despite the seemingly endless glut of Netflix originals, the streaming giant's selection of movies has been shrinking for years as it shifts its focus. Back in 2010, roughly 6,755 movies were available to stream on the service. Today, that number has shrunk to 3,839. As Netflix continues to hemorrhage films in favor of original content, these statistics may change.

So when you're scrolling through Netflix's seemingly endless selection of algorithm-curated crap, just remember: You're more likely to find a hidden gem than not.