'Toy Story 4' Teaser And Character Poster: Bo Peep Is Back, And This Time She's Wearing Pants

Bo Peep is back and this time, she's no delicate porcelain figure. She's traded her hoop skirt for pantaloons and her bonnet for a cute side ribbon in our first look at the long-missing toy in the latest Toy Story 4 teaser. After being absent from Toy Story 3, Bo Peep is making her big return with a brand new look.

Toy Story 4 Teaser

The long-lost friend (or maybe more) of Woody is returning in Toy Story 4, and she's got an exciting new teaser and character poster to herald her comeback. But she is different than the delicate porcelain figure we last saw in Toy Story 2. Her exterior has become chipped and faded, but her attitude has not — "it turns out she's an adventure-seeking free spirit who feels right at home on the road," Disney writes. This free-spirited adventure reunites her with Woody "under unlikely circumstances" where they sadly realize they've "grown worlds apart when it comes to life as a toy."

"Bo's taken control of her own destiny," Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley said in a press release accompanying the Bo Peep teaser and poster. "While Woody was watching Andy grow up, Bo gathered dust until she took it upon herself to head out into the world. And when Woody shows up, they can't believe that they've found each other again."

Annie Potts, who returns to voice the character after the first two films, says that this version of Bo Peep is modern, independent, capable and confident." She added, "Bo is written and conceived to be inspiring as she has weathered life's ups and downs with grace. I aspire to that."

Here is the character poster for Bo Peep, who in addition to her new pair of pans, dons a cape. I guess we know what happened to the skirt.

Toy Story 4 is directed by Josh Cooley, who has graduated from directing the Inside Out short "Riley's First Date." The film is produced by Jonas Rivera (Inside Out, Up) and Mark Nielsen (Inside Out).

Here is the official synopsis for Toy Story 4:

Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that's Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called "Forky" to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy.

Toy Story 4 opens in U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.