'Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase' Trailer: 'It' Star Sophia Lillis Becomes The Teen Detective

Nancy Drew is back, and she's skateboarding. Radical! It breakout Sophia Lillis takes on the role of the famous teen detective for Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, a film that will either launch a franchise if its a hit, or disappear into oblivion if its a flop. We've been here once before, with the 2007 Nancy Drew movie starring Emma Roberts. This new take is playing up a potentially supernatural aspect, while keeping things light and fun. Watch the Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase trailer below.

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Trailer

Well, based on this trailer, I am definitely not the intended audience for Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. And that's fine! This film is clearly geared toward a much younger audience, and hopefully they'll enjoy the results. Do kids still care about Nancy Drew as a character? I don't really know. I suppose there are still young people out there craving these stories.

In any case, Sophia Lillis stars here, and that's a plus. Lillis turned in a wonderful performance in It, and she was memorable in a limited role on Sharp Objects as well. She's very talented, and I'm sure she'll only get better in the years to come. In the film, Nancy and her friends "set out to solve a mystery, make new friends, and establish their place in the community." Sounds wholesome! Really, almost everything here looks very pleasant and chipper – even the stuff that's supposed to be spooky. Sure, Nancy rides around town on a skateboard (far out!), but she also remembers to wear a helmet. Safety first, kids.

The new Nancy is described as "a smart high schooler with a penchant for keen observation and deduction, who stumbles upon the haunting of a local home" and "a bit of an outsider struggling to fit into her new surroundings."

Zoe Renee (The Quad) and Mackenzie Graham (Syfy's The Purge) play Nancy's best friends, George and Bess. Laura Slade Wiggins (Shameless) is Helen, "a high school mean girl who reluctantly joins forces with Nancy to help solve the mystery." Sam Trammell (True Blood) plays Nancy's father, Carson. The cast also includes Linda Lavin (Alice), Andrea Anders (Joey, The Stepford Wives), Jay DeVon Johnson (Vice Principals), Andrew Matthew Welch (Ma), Jon Briddell (The Resident), Josh Daugherty (We Were Soldiers), Evan Castelloe (Queen Sugar), and Jesse C. Boyd (Hap and Leonard).Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase opens March 15, 2019.