'The Punisher' Season 2 Trailer: Welcome Back, Frank

The Punisher, one of only two remaining Marvel shows on Netflix, returns for its second (and possibly final) season next week. Ahead of that debut, a new trailer is here, filled with all the shoot-em-up action you've come to expect from this character. Watch The Punisher season 2 trailer below.

The Punisher Season 2 Trailer

Is this the end of The Punisher? All signs seem to point to yes. Netflix cancelled Iron FistLuke Cage and Daredevil, and the only two remaining Marvel shows – The Punisher and Jessica Jones – have new seasons dropping this year. One might assume that once those seasons drop, Netflix will pull the plug. For now, though, The Punisher lives on in a second season, in which the character once again is out there, wearing his skull-logo and shooting guns at fools who dare get in his way. You'd think they'd learn by now.

Here's the full synopsis for the new season:

Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) can run but he can't hide from who he's meant to be. Season two finds Frank in all too familiar territory. With Castle's former brother-in-arms Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) slowly beginning to heal from the traumatic brain injury Frank inflicted on him, it's only a matter of time before Billy starts to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.

Former marine-turned-vigilante Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) has been living a quiet life on the road until he suddenly becomes embroiled in the attempted murder of a young girl (Giorgia Whigham). As he is drawn into the mystery surrounding her and those in pursuit of the information she holds, Castle attracts a new target on his back as new and old enemies force him to confront whether he should accept his destiny and embrace a life as The Punisher.

I enjoy Jon Bernthal's portrayal of The Punisher – he brings a lot of depth to a character who frequently lacks it. But The Punisher season 1 had severe pacing problems, just like every other Marvel Netflix show. It would be nice if season 2 managed to work that out, but I won't hold my breath.

In addition to Bernthal, The Punisher also stars Ben Barnes (Billy Russo/Jigsaw), Amber Rose Revah (Dinah Madani), Jason R. Moore (Curtis Hoyle), Josh Stewart (John Pilgrim), Floriana Lima (Dr. Krista Dumont) and Annette O'Toole and Corbin Bernsen as Eliza and Anderson Schultz. Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal) serves as showrunner, writer and executive producer.

The Punisher season 2 hits Netflix January 18, 2019.punisher season 2 poster