Disneyland Raises Prices Ahead Of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening

With Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park land opening later this year, it's no surprise that Disneyland Resort was going to raise its prices, but the shocking thing is just how huge the price increases are for access to its California park. Read on to learn about the biggest Disneyland price hikes in recent memory, and prepare your wallets for a direct hit from the Death Star if you're considering a trip to Galaxy's Edge this year.

Looks like Disney has set their price phasers to stun. (Hmm? What's that? "Price phasers" aren't a thing? And even if they were, phasers are from the wrong sci-fi franchise? Ah. Noted.)

The L.A. Times reports that Disneyland has jacked up its prices just a few months before the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which is set to open its doors sometime this summer. The cheapest ticket price has now risen to over $100, and daily parking prices have been raised from $20 to $25. In addition, the MaxPass – "a digital ride-reservation system that guests upload to their smartphones" – which previously cost $10 will now cost $15, so the increases are stretching across platforms as well.Walt Disney World News Today has a couple of handy-dandy charts with the details of the price hikes:

Single and Multi-Day Tickets

Ticket Type Original New 1 Day – VALUE $97 $104 1 Day with Park Hopper – VALUE $147 $154 1 Day – REGULAR $117 $129 1 Day with Park Hopper – REGULAR $167 $179 1 Day – PEAK $135 $149 1 Day with Park Hopper – PEAK $185 $199 2 Day $210 $225 2 Day with Park Hopper $260 $280 3 Day $280 $300 3 Day with Park Hopper $330 $355 4 Day $305 $325 4 Day with Park Hopper $355 $380 5 Day $320 $340 5 Day with Park Hopper $370 $395

Annual Passes

Pass Type Original New Select $369 $399 Deluxe $729 $799 Signature $999 $1149 Signature Plus $1149 $1399 Premier $1579 $1949

Keep in mind that these prices don't include tax.

Will these price increases serve the purpose of controlling the crowds when Galaxy's Edge opens this summer? Absolutely not! If the diehard Star Wars fans who've decided they're going to be there to experience the opening of the new land won't be stopped with pleas to their logic and sanity (imagine the LINES!), dropping more of their hard-earned dollars isn't going to be a deterrent, either. They have made up their minds, and nothing is going to stop them. Star Wars is such a cornerstone of pop culture that the idea of walking around in an immersive version of that world is the type of thing that fans will save for months to experience.

In other words, if you'd like to visit Galaxy's Edge with any breathing room on either side of you as you walk through the park, it's still probably going to be a couple of years until that's a possibility.