'Fosse/Verdon' Teaser: Sam Rockwell And Michelle Williams Are All That Jazz In FX Biopic Miniseries

Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams are going to give you the ole razzle dazzle in Fosse/Verdon, FX's upcoming biographical miniseries about the legendary Broadway choreographer and filmmaker Bob Fosse and his creative and romantic partner Gwen Verdon, who did everything he did but backwards and in heels.

Fosse/Verdon Teaser

Based on the biography Fosse by Sam WassonFosse/Verdon is a biographical miniseries executive produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame and centers around the close "romantic and creative relationship" between Bob Fosse, one of theater's most influential creatives, and Gwen Verdon, his muse, wife, and the greatest Broadway dancer of all time. The eight-episode miniseries, which also co-stars Paul Reiser, Aya Cash, and Nate Coddry, follows the duo as "they changed the face of American entertainment — at a perilous cost."

Honestly, you had us hooked as soon as you got Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell in a miniseries together. Look at Williams in that leotard and that hat! Look at Rockwell, rocking the balding look to surprising effect! When he wearily orders, "Again" at the end of the teaser I near swooned (don't ask me why). Williams and Rockwell are a pair of acting heavyweights whose combined talents are almost as equally impressive as the legendary duo they're playing. And in a teaser that perfectly captures the particular style of Fosse, who is best known for his work on Cabaret, Chicago, and All That Jazz, FX already has our attention.

Here is the official synopsis for Fosse/Verdon:

Bob Fosse is a visionary filmmaker and one of theater's most influential choreographers and directors. Gwen Verdon is the greatest Broadway dancer of all time. Fosse/Verdon will tell the story of these two brilliant, complicated individuals – the love they shared, the art they created, and the price they paid in the pursuit of greatness.

Fosse/Verdon premieres on FX in April 2019.