'Hanna' Teaser: Joe Wright's Teen Assassin Movie Becomes An Amazon TV Show

David Farr (The Night Manager) co-wrote the screenplay for the 2011 film Hanna, which starred Saoirse Ronan as a girl raised by her father to be the perfect assassin. Now Farr is returning to that story and expanding on the concept in a new TV series for Amazon Prime Video, and the first teaser trailer has arrived. Amazon is calling this teaser "baby heist," so they certainly know how to get our attention.

Hanna TV Show Teaser

Knowing the basic premise of this show, what if this baby Hanna was trained in the womb to be an assassin? See, she isn't stolen in this teaser – she really breaks out of the crib on her own, incapacitates a guard with her pacifier, and goes on the run just minutes after being born. Now THAT would be a show!

But more realistically, I suppose a stolen baby is intriguing, too. Could her former CIA agent father be the one who swipes young Hanna from the hospital, whisking her away to instantly begin her life of assassin training? All signs point to "yes."

In the show, Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) will play Hanna's father Erik Heller, taking over from Eric Bana in the movie. Mirielle Enos (The Killing) will play Marissa, the CIA agent who's tracking the girl, taking over from Cate Blanchett in the film. Rookie actor Esme Creed-Miles will play the TV show version of Hanna.

Arguably the most memorable aspect of the 2011 movie was how it wove fairy tale elements throughout its secret agent/assassin story, so I hope Farr (who rewrote the film's script after Seth Lochhead wrote it on spec) retains that element as he builds out the story for television. It was such an integral part of the movie that I don't think any adaptation would feel right without it.

"Hanna aims to be both a raw-knuckle ride and a deeply touching family drama," Farr said. "It has the visceral excitement of a genuine conspiracy thriller but also the simple humanity of a rites of passage drama. Hanna is in a very unusual family. She's a very special teenager. But all teenagers think they're abnormal. She's just a little more abnormal than most."

Farr wrote the script, and Sarah Adina Smith (Legion) directed the pilot, which will debut on Amazon Prime Video in March 2019. Here's the trailer for the film, in case you're curious: