'Black Mirror' Movie And Season 5 Cryptically Teased By Netflix

Netflix continues to tease the inevitable return of Black Mirror, and now we know a little bit more. While we know Black Mirror season 5 is coming soon, we've also learned that a Black Mirror movie might be about to drop as well. We previously learned of the title Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which most people were assuming was a subtitle for a season 5 episode. But a new entry on the Netflix site suggests this might be a full-blown Black Mirror movie instead.

In case you haven't been following all-things Black Mirror, here's a brief recap. In April, set photos revealed the filming of a potential Black Mirror season 5 episode titled Bandersnatch. In October, word arrived that a Black Mirror choose-your-own-adventure episode would be featured in Black Mirror season 5, which was expected to be released in December. In November, one of Netflix's Twitter accounts posted the following image, which brought back the Bandersnatch title, listing it as debuting on December 28.

New Black MirrorThe image was quickly deleted, but not before several people saved it. At the time, everyone was still assuming this was the title of a Black Mirror season 5 episode. But that might no longer be the case. As UPROXX reports, typing the title "Bandersnatch" into Netflix will bring up the following title.

As you can see, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is classified as "A Netflix Film." This strongly indicates that Bandersnatch is a feature-length movie, not just an episode. As for what that title means, Bandersnatch was a video game being developed in the UK in the 1980s that was abandoned and never released. Whether or not that ties directly into the Black Mirror movie remains to be seen.

And what of Season 5 itself? Well, typing Black Mirror into Netflix brings up this mysterious box featuring the Black Mirror symbol:

This is pure speculation, but the assumption is that that box is a place-holder teasing the impending season 5 release. The big question here is: where does that so-called "choose-your-own-adventure" entry fit in? Is that Bandersnatch? If so, that means we're about to get a choose-your-own-adventure movie. Or is it a separate episode part of season 5? We'll likely know what's going for sure on December 28.

My guess: both the Bandersnatch movie and season 5 will be released on that date, giving fans plenty of Black Mirror to watch as the New Year rolls in. This is in line with the season 4 release, which hit Netflix in full on December 29, 2017.