'Back To The Future' Tops Franchises That Audiences Would Like To See Remade

Doc Brown may have hit it on the nose when he wildly guessed that there was a problem with Earth's gravitational pull in the future, because there's something off in Hollywood in 2018. We've had an influx of remakes and reboots of well-known and little-known franchises, all for the sake of nostalgia. But for some reason, we're clamoring for more.

A new poll reveals that the next movie franchise remake that audiences want is Back to the Future. That, and a slew of other titles like The Matrix and The Hunger Games, because we can't ever let things die. See the results of the franchise remake poll below.

The Hollywood Reporter conducted a poll with Morning Consult that found the franchise that audiences most want to see return is Back to the Future. Of the 2,201 adults surveyed earlier this month, a whopping 71% said they would want to take another trip in the DeLorean with Doc Brown and Marty McFly, closely followed by Pixar's Toy Story (69%), Lucasfilm's Indiana Jones (68%) and Universal's Jurassic Park (67%).

But wait, those following three are movies that already have remakes out or coming soon to theaters. That's because the question specifically referred to movies they would watch "if a new movie in the series were to be released." Which may explain the high performance of movies that are still on people's radars, with the exception of box office heavyweights Star Wars and Marvel's Avengers, which underperformed at 63% and 57%, respectively.

But there are a few non-active franchises that made it to the list. Following Star Wars and Avengers is Hunger Games at 55%, The Matrix at 54%, and Avatar at 53%. Seriously folks, it's only been three years since The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 disappointed at the box office, and already you're craving another one? We don't need to revisit a bleak dystopian world when we're already living in one. The Matrix is unlikely considering the Wachowskis' looming retirement, but never say never, says the Guillermo del Toro-less Pacific Rim: Uprising. And I guess my constant bafflement at James Cameron working on four Avatar sequels is for nought, considering there's an audience for it with at least 53% of Americans.

"There's a strong consumer demand for movie reboots and sequels, which spells good news for movie studios looking to capitalize on that nostalgic feeling," Tyler Sinclair, Morning Consult's vice president told THR. "Our polling finds half of Americans say they are much more likely to watch throwbacks and revivals."

See the full depressing poll here.