Star Wars Bits: The Mandalorian Sparks Rumors, Jabba Sparks Romance, And Space Pirates Spark Chaos

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • A whole lot of leaks from The Mandalorian set
  • Space Pirates attack the Platform in Star Wars Resistance
  • Jabba the Hutt has a make out session with Venom
  • Pedro Pascal leaves the galaxy far, far away before he enters it
  • And more!
  • Starting this Star Wars Bits with some great wholesome content today, as Twitter user McJesse blessed us with this incredible gif of Venom making out with Jabba the Hutt. It's the Star Wars and Marvel crossover that nobody asked for, but that secretly everyone wanted. A sexy muscle symbiote, flexing his gross muscle tongue in the direction of one of the galaxy's most brutal and brilliant crime lords. Someone call Disney because we think we've found their next hit coupling.

    the mandalorian

    Creature creations have always been one of the highlights of the galaxy far, far away, and Making Star Wars has once again gotten a glimpse at a brand new alien addition to canon. If you've been keeping up with the site, you know that they've been keenly following the production of the new Jon Favreau project The Mandalorian, and one of their newest scoops is a first look at one of the show's newest creatures. And the eagle-eyed out there might actually recognize the extra-terrestrial from a certain casino on Canto Bight.

    We're still getting news out of the Star Wars announcements heavy hitter that was NYCC, and this reveal from the Star Wars publishing panel will be particularly exciting for fans of the classic X-Wing Expanded Universe series. Alphabet Squadron by Rogue One novelization writer Alex Free will be about "rebel pilots hunting down Imperials." Which is incredibly exciting, as it sounds a lot like the 1996 crossmedia series of Expanded Universe tales focused on the ace pilots playing their part to take down the Empire. Whatever the outcome, we're big fans of the Star Wars novels here, so are excited for any new additions to the quickly expanding new canon.

    When news of The Mandalorian first begin to surface, one of the earliest rumors was that the new Disney streaming show would star Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal. The Kingsman 2 actor would have been an inspired choice, but according to Making Star Wars the rumor "was denied by his representation." So we likely won't be seeing Pascal don the famed Mandalorian armor, but rumor has it that John Leguizamo might be next on the casting sheet, so we'll have to wait and see!

    Rogue One Voice Cameos

    More Making Star Wars scoops, as the site have obtained pictures of what looks like actors wearing Stormtrooper uniforms. As the series is set after the fall of the Empire in the period after Return of the Jedi, this opens up some interesting questions about how and why the troopers are the troopers are there at all. They speculate:

    "The idea of the story taking place in the aftermath of the Empire makes your imagination push further out and conceive of the troopers as extinct. But it looks more and more like the troopers were pushed to the outer rim. As the first press release stated, this story takes place far away from the reaches of the New Republic. Are these troopers controlled by the "Regional Governors" or are they just aimless militias taking from the people because there's no central Imperial government to fund their existence?"

    Just in case you didn't get a chance to check out one of the new episodes of Star Wars Resistance, titled "Triple Dark", we've got a clip directly from Lucasfilm. The episode is a radical adventure which sees Kaz and BB-8 find themselves in the middle of a pirate invasion, desperately trying to get back inside the Platform after being locked out! If you love high stakes, swashbuckling space adventure then you'll definitely want to check "Triple Dark" out.