'The Night Comes For Us' Trailer: 'The Raid' Stars Reunite In Bloody, Badass Indonesian Action Flick

The Raid co-stars Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim reunited in an Indonesian action flick even more brutal than the Gareth Evans thriller? Yes please. The Night Comes For Us made blood and brains splatter when it debuted at Fantastic Fest in Austin last month, delivering the kind of thrills that genre fanatics could only dream of. And the Timo Tjahjanto action film is a Netflix production, which means you'll get to see it soon. The streaming service just released a The Night Comes For Us Trailer ahead of the badass action flick's premiere on the streaming service later this month.

The Night Comes For Us Trailer

The Night Comes For Us, which follows a former triad enforcer (Joe Taslim) who must escape his former gang after he spares the life of a young girl, will make The Raid films seem like they were pulling their punches. As directed by Timo Tjahjanto, /Film's reviewers out of Fantastic Fest called The Night Comes For Us bloody, brutal, and borderline masochistic. But most importantly of all, it's a crazy good time.

In his /Film review, Matt Donato raved about the "punch-a-minute thriller," writing:

The Night Comes For Us is a punching bag ready to burst at the seems from hardcore and non-stop pummeling. Timo Tjahjanto masters fist-of-fury filmmaking not only by dragging audiences into a mega-fun knockout most pit but experimenting with body-cam angles and honoring continuity. As fighters duel and glide down hallways where dead bodies lay, blood slickens the floor and intestinal mounds need to be stepped over. You're in for a maximum dosage of adrenaline shot straight into your heart that rules with bloody knuckles.

And /Film's Jacob Hall had a few words for the action flick in his Fantastic Fest recap as well, adding, "Tjahjanto doesn't want to make a complete movie as much as he wants to make the most gruesome, immersive, head-spinning experience imaginable. You've never seen action staged quite like this, you've never seen a body count this high, and you've never seen heroes tear through their enemies with this kind of ferocity. The Night Comes For Us would be a horror movie if it wasn't staged with such giddy excitement."

With its home at Netflix, The Night Comes For Us seems primed for late-night discoveries by hardcore action fans and casual movie watchers alike. And since Mile 22 didn't work out, I hope that The Night Comes For Us will be the title that helps launch Iko Uwais' Hollywood career. He and Taslim are massive talents that need more exposure, and perhaps Netflix could help them achieve it.

Here is the official synopsis for The Night Comes For Us:

After sparing a girl's life during a massacre, an elite Triad assassin is targeted by an onslaught of murderous gangsters.

The Night Comes For Us premieres on Netflix on October 19, 2018.