Daily Podcast: How We Watch Movies At Home, Dark Phoenix, Tarantino, MoviePass, Halloween, & New Streaming Services

On the September 27, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to talk what the latest film and tv news, including Dark Phoenix, Quentin Tarantino, MoviePass, Halloween and New Streaming Services. And in The Mail Bag we'll answer some questions about Jack Ryan and how we watch movies at home.You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, Spotify and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you need it).

Opening Banter: Everyone's watching the Senate hearings, but not us.In The News:

  • Chris: Burt Reynolds Replaced On 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Cast with Bruce Dern
  • HT: MoviePass App Downloads Have Dropped By 76% in the Last Three Months
  • Chris: 'Halloween' TV Series Could Still Happen, Says Producer Malek Akkad
  • HT: What Cable or Streaming TV Series Might Have a 20-Year Time Jump For Next Season?
  • Chris: 'New TV': Jeffrey Katzenberg Launching Streaming Service With 10-minute Episodes, Featuring Sam Raimi
  • Reaction: 'Dark Phoenix' Trailer: The X-Men Face Their Greatest Challenge
  • In The Mailbag:

  • Maria H writes in "Hi, I'm a newer listener but I've been reading your news feed in another podcast's news for about a year.    I listen to the podcast regularly and I'm interested to know if anyone has been watching Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon and what their take is on it.  I'll confess that I binged it last night and found it excellent. The story line is very "today" and extremely compelling.  Think Homeland Season 1 (sorry, the rest are trash).    Just was wondering and if I missed a discussion on it, I'd love to have the link.  Thanks!"
  • Jason from Kuwait writes in "Good afternoon Peter.  Really enjoy the /film daily podcast, and the different personalities you and the crew bring to the show.   Hearing you recently discuss topics such as the difference between seeing movies at home or in the theatre, motion blurring, or adding reference modes to new TVs got me thinking that I have never really heard any of you explicitly say what you have for viewing setups at home (just the odd references here or there in general convos).   It might be interesting and give a little context to the above discussion to hear y'all directly address what you and the gang all currently use at home to view the majority of your TVs / Movies.  I am a regular listener, but I can't claim to have heard every show so apologies if you have discussed this before.  Again, enjoy the show. Thanks"
  • Other articles mentioned:

  • 'Dark Phoenix' Trailer Breakdown: Jean Grey is a Girl on Fire
  • 'Jack Ryan' Attempts Bring Tom Clancy's CIA Analyst into the 21st Century, with Mixed Results
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