'Tenacious D In Post-Apocalypto' Review: Relentless Phallic Imagery In An Epic Adventure [Fantastic Fest]

Tenacious D isn't widely know for writing heavy political objection into their goofball brand of musical entertainment, but Post-Apocalypto is a different, three-headed penis beast. Set in a dystopian future where humanity has been nuked to hell, "The D" must save what's left of Earth from Nazis, KKK soldiers, Crackalackadingdong monsters, "The Gorgon," Amazonian cave women thirsty for KG and JB's seed, Johnny Depp, Elon Musk, Donald Trump Jr. – those of you in legalized marijuana states, you know what to do. "The D" return for an epic adventure of relentless phallic imagery and poignant arguments promoting racial equality as only the planet's greatest (self-proclaimed but true) rock 'n' roll superteam can immaturely wax poetic over.

Get hammered, smoke something, and ride this crazy train into a harmonious reality where "The D" rise once again.

Those tuning into this 6-part web series – a slideshow radio play, technically – expecting more "professional" artwork than Jack Black's c**k-loaded doodles, temper expectations. Post-Apocalypto only cost about $50 and change to produce for a reason. Black's kindergarten refrigerator vibe is devoid of animation, very sexually explicit, and only manageable in tone by masters of comedic riffage. There's stoner humor, and then there's Jack Black and Kyle Gass simulating a golfing video game faceoff while their crudely scribbled outlines sit motionless on a couch. And you know what? This is why "The D" continue to survive. Our generation's Cheech And Chong; rock stars of improvisational humor who tell elegant stories with immature, captivating sensationalism

But with a lot more, you know, dicks.

Sorry if this write-up seems to be stressing wiener-first stentiments a bit forcefully, but you have to understand how much of Post-Apocalypto is invaded by man-meat accentuation. When Jack Black blasts into space, what do you think MIT's orbiting station resembles? The Crackalackadingdong creature and its father Daddy Dong, need I ask the same? Does Jables fornicate with The Terminator (Arnold voice and all) who offers an upgraded synthetic happy hole (sound effects supplied by "The D")? It's not just about graphic sex scenes involving full-frontal depictions of all genders – which there are many – but how Jack Black's enjoyment of curved...alright, you get me. Post-Apocalypto has more dick talk than American Vandal packed into 65 compact minutes.

At least we finally know who drew the dicks?

Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto Review

Lest we forget Post-Apocalypto is an essential analysis of frightening problems that plague these modern days we live. All the Nazi and KKK parades outside Donald Jr.'s White House are as subtle as "The D" care to be. Cave-dwelling female clans blame "machismo" and "penises" for the downfall of civilization. Tenacious D takes aim at hatred using their two-headed doggy "Hope" to signify when said emotion is lost and or found. As other creators might seek metaphors and subtlety, "The D" sicks their machine-gun-totin' Terminator robot on hordes of white-hooded torch-burners with headshots galore. There are no minced words, and that kind of honesty is signature "D." Opinionated frustration behind a giggly soundtrack with Adult Swim charm.

Jumping to the film's tracklist, titles like "FUCK YO-YO MA," "DADDY DING DONG," and "MAKING LOVE" pick up where Rize of the Fenix left off. Rage Cage and Jables blister their acoustic frets with usual firestorms of classic melodic ballads, but differentiation infiltrates. JB Jr. – Jack Black's son from the future by virtue of his sensual lovemaking with Conchita – manipulates autotune for an electro-hip single, Donald Jr. tries to learn the folly of his ways through song, and Daddy Ding Dong drops a heavy-rock assault that brings back memories of "Car Chase City." Within two lines, Black rhymes the Crystal of Gilgamesh's "power" with Chinese food that is "sweet and sour," stinging with the same arbitrary wordsmithing started long ago with hits like "Kielbasa Sausage." Honey-glazed lyrical goodness that doesn't jettison laughs amidst vocal statements with massive cultural implications.

While Post-Apocalytpo's raunchy right-doing won't be for everyone, Tenacious D fans are going to howl with laughter at Jack Black's obsessive male genitalia traces, bumbled conversations morphed into skits on par with Rick and Morty's "Interdimensional Cable" episodes, and artistic ambition that makes Home Movies look like the Mona Lisa. "The D" voice every character and have a blast doing so, both performers' personalities injected into the throbbing heart of Post-Apocalypto. A bit half-baked if you've never inhaled "The D's" numskull strain of humor, but rebellious intent and zero creative containment make for an unfiltered, uninterrupted, unstoppably funny Tenacious D return with the power to save our universe. Imperfections the very source of its DIY superhero act.

/Film Rating: 8 out of 10