'Venom' Clip Pits Tom Hardy Against An Unlucky SWAT Team

A brand-new Venom clip is here, and it's loaded with action and also Tom Hardy's goofy voice. In the clip, Eddie Brock finds himself confronted by a SWAT Team who want him to surrender. He's not in the mood for that, and instead unleashes Venom in all his CGI glory. A severe ass-kicking follows. Watch the Venom clip below!

Venom Clip

This Venom clip works fairly well. For one thing, the action on display here, while CGI-enhanced, is clear and exciting. There's no blurry, shaky, visually confusing . moments – just scenes of Venom whipping around, beating the crap out of some dudes. And if that's all you're looking for in a Venom movie, you might end up loving this. I'm still not so sure about Tom Hardy's voice, and the moment where he yells "Mask!" and Venom replies, "Copy!" to mimic the SWAT guys is a somewhat dumb. But hey, people aren't going to see Venom for something smart. They just want entertainment, and maybe Venom will deliver.

While Venom is rated PG-13, many people were hoping for an R-Rated take on the character, including Tom Hardy himself. In a recent MTV interview, Hardy expressed his interest in an R-Rated Venom:

"Is it going to be R-Rated? That's the big question and the answers been answered, isn't it?... It's a PG-13 in the states, but to be fair the thing can fulcrum into R-Rated. It can fulcrum into youth or children. My littlest ones, they watch Spider-Man and Venom quite comfortably, and Venom toys appear and LEGO appear... So it's not like they're scared by him, and at the same time there's a lot in the real estate that you can actually imbue with a complete sense of gratuitous violence if you really wanted to, and I think you've got the right people for that job if you want to push it. Of course that's where I'd love to go with it."

Venom, starring Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate and more, arrives in theaters October 5, 2018, which is pretty darn soon.

Journalist Eddie Brock is trying to take down Carlton Drake, the notorious and brilliant founder of the Life Foundation. While investigating one of Drake's experiments, Eddie's body merges with the alien Venom — leaving him with superhuman strength and power. Twisted, dark and fueled by rage, Venom tries to control the new and dangerous abilities that Eddie finds so intoxicating.