Waxwork Records Releasing Three Great Dario Argento Soundtracks On Vinyl

Just in time for the filmmaker's birthday on September 7, Waxwork Records is releasing three Dario Argento scores on vinyl. With the remake of Argento's Suspiria already generating plenty of buzz, it's the perfect time to revisit the haunting, memorable scores from three of his most iconic films – Profondo RossoInferno and Phenomena. More on the Argento vinyl scores below.

Deep Red Vinyl

Profondo Russo

Profondo Russo, AKA Deep Red, is Dario Argento's giallo about a musician and a reporter teaming up to find the killer of a famous psychic. Like Argento's Suspiria, the score was composed by Italian prog rock band Goblin. The filmmaker originally hired jazz pianist Giorgio Gaslini to create the music, but hated what Gaslini came up with. After this, Argento hoped to convince Pink Floyd to compose the score, but had no such luck. He later hired Goblin, beginning a collaboration that would carry over into other films.

Here are the full details for the Profondo Russo vinyl release. This will be the first time the score has even been available on vinyl.

The Profondo Rosso score by Goblin is a mix of driving synth work, bass guitar, percussion, Jazz, piano, organ, and sound effects. This eclectic blend of instruments with an attack by well-rounded musicians created a film-scoring style completely new to the world of horror movies, and arguably, cinema in general.

The newly expanded triple-LP of Profondo Rosso features the complete original 1975 album by Goblin in addition to the complete alternate versions, instrumentals, original score music by Giorgio Gaslini, source music, and haunting sound effects. This comprehensive version of the score marks the very first time the complete film music has been ever made available on vinyl.Profondo Rosso Original Motion Picture Score by GOBLIN

  • The Expanded and Complete Film Score
  • Available For The First Time On Vinyl
  • 180 Gram 3xLP "Bloodied Doll" Colored Vinyl
  • Artwork By Italian Illustration Collective MALLEUS
  • Triple Gatefold Jacket Packaging
  • Track List:Side A

  • Profondo Rosso
  • Death Dies
  • Mad Puppet
  • Side B

    1. Wild Session
    2. Deep Shadows
    3. School At Night
    4. Gianna
    5. Side C

      1. Mad Puppet Laughs (Opening Intro)
      2. School At Night (Lullaby – Child Version)
      3. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #1)
      4. Profondo Rosso (Paura)
      5. Profondo Rosso (Paura #2)
      6. School At Night (Lullaby – Instrumental Version)
      7. Profondo Rosso (Paura #3)
      8. School At Night – Traccia 8
      9. Profondo Rosso (Paura #4)
      10. Side D

        1. School At Night (#2)
        2. School At Night (School At Night – Celesta Version)
        3. Profondo Rosso (Paura #5)
        4. Gianna (#2)
        5. Death Dies (Film Version)
        6. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Flute)
        7. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #2)
        8. Side E

          1. Deep Shadows (Film Version)
          2. Profondo Rosso (Paura #6)
          3. Death Dies (Film Version #2)
          4. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #3)
          5. Deep Shadows (Film Version #2)
          6. School At Night (Lullaby – Music Box Version)
          7. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #4)
          8. Deep Shadows (Film Version #3)
          9. Side F

            1. Death Dies (Film Version #3)
            2. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Flute #2)
            3. School At Night (Lullaby – Echo Version)
            4. Profondo Rosso (Remix Version)
            5. Profondo Rosso (Original Sound Effect)
            6. On Sale September 7thInferno Vinyl


              Inferno is the sequel to Argento's Suspiria, and while I know this opinion is controversial, I actually prefer this sequel to the more famous Suspiria. It's more beautiful and more horrifying, and altogether dreamy. In Inferno, "a poet living in New York City that discovers an ancient book. The book, written by an alchemist, tells of three sister witches that run the world with sorrow, tears, and darkness. Inferno focuses on Mater Tenebrarum, the Mother of Darkness, whom is the youngest and most cruel of the sisters, and lives in New York."

              The score, by Keith Emerson, is very different than the famous Goblin score for Suspiria. It's a "mix of both electronic work, orchestral compositions, percussion, piano, and a full choir by way of the Chorus of Rome." The Waxwork vinyl release is the "most comprehensive and definitive version ever available on vinyl featuring the complete 1980 soundtrack in addition to outtakes and alternate tracks." 

              Here are the details.

              INFERNO Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
            7. The Complete and Expanded Soundtrack by Keith Emerson
            8. Available For The First Time On Vinyl In Its Entirety
            9. 180 Gram 2xLP "Mater Tenebrarum" Colored Vinyl (Disc 1: Red and Pink Swirl Vinyl with Gold Splatter. Disc 2: Opaque Blue and Translucent Blue Swirl Vinyl with Gold Splatter)
            10. Artwork By Italian Illustration Collective MALLEUS
            11. Deluxe Packaging
            12. Track List:Side A

            13. Inferno Main Titles
            14. Rose's Descent Into The Cellar
            15. Taxi Ride (Rome)
            16. The Library
            17. Sarah In The Library Vaults
            18. Side B

              1. Bookbinder's Delight
              2. Rose Leaves The Apartment
              3. Rose Gets It
              4. Elisa's Story
              5. A Cat Attic Attack
              6. Side C

                1. Kazanian's Tarantella
                2. Mark's Discovery
                3. Mater Tenebrarum
                4. Inferno Finale
                5. Cigarettes, Ices, Etc.
                6. Side D

                  1. Inferno Outakes Suite
                  2. On Sale Friday, September 7thPhenomena vinyl


                    Phenomena is one of my least-favorite Argento films because it features bugs. Sorry folks – I can handle blood and gore, but when I see insects, I get the creeps. That said, the film has its charms, primarily thanks to the lead performance from Jennifer Connelly. Connelly plays "a young girl residing at a remote Swiss boarding school who discovers she has psychic powers that allow her to communicate with insects. She then uses the insects to pursue a serial killer that is butchering young women at and around the school." Did I mention I hate bugs?

                    The Phenomena soundtrack originally had songs from bands like Motörhead and Iron Maiden, with some score pieces from Goblin. This new Waxwork release features, for the first time, the complete score to the film, in addition to all "unused, unreleased, alternate score tracks, suites, and bonus tracks." If you're a Goblin fan, this is a must-own. Here are the details.

                    Phenomena Package

                    Waxwork's new comprehensive PHENOMENA vinyl album features stunning new artwork by Kilian Eng, 180 gram colored vinyl housed within a deluxe old-style gatefold jacket with film laminate gloss coating, and an art print.

                    PHENOMENA Original Motion Picture Score

                  3. The Expanded and Complete Original Score by GOBLIN
                  4. 180 Gram Double LP (Disc 1 "Insects and Earth" Blue and Green Swirl with Gold Splatter. Disc 2 "Telekinesis" Opaque Orange and Translucent Orange Swirl with Green Splatter).
                  5. Heavy Old-Style Gatefold Jacket with Film Laminate Gloss Coating
                  6. Artwork By Kilian Eng
                  7. 11"x11" Art Print
                  8. Track ListSide A

                  9. Phenomena
                  10. Jennifer
                  11. The Wind
                  12. Sleepwalking
                  13. Side B

                    1. Jennifer's Friends
                    2. Phenomena (Film version 1)
                    3. Phenomena (Film version 2)
                    4. Phenomena (Piano Solo – Film version 3)
                    5. Sleepwalking (Alternate Version)
                    6. Side C

                      1. The Wind (Film Version Suite 1)
                      2. The Wind ("Insects" Film Version Suite 2)
                      3. Jennifer's Friends (Alternate Version)
                      4. Side D

                        1. Jennifer (End Titles)
                        2. The Monster Child (SPFX Bonus Track 1)
                        3. Phenomena (Video Clip Version Bonus Track 2)
                        4. Phenomena (Alternate Version Bonus Track 3)
                        5. On Sale Friday, September 7th