DC Universe To Launch Its Own Daily Show Hosted By Kevin Smith

DC Universe is seeking to be your one-stop shop for all things DC Comics. And that means launching its own daily news show, titled DC Daily, to provide fans with superhero news, guest appearances, interviews and panel discussions with DC Comics experts. Fittingly, its first host is arguably the biggest celebrity DC fanboy, Kevin Smith.

Filmmaker, writer, and actor Kevin Smith will kick off DC Daily in a live-stream event that will introduce fans to the show's format, set, and exclusive content. DC Daily will be a successor of sorts to DC All Access, the online programming launched by DC Entertainment last year. But with the upcoming launch of the DC Universe digital subscription service and app, it makes sense for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. TV to start anew.

The inaugural live stream begins on August 29, 2018, at 4:30 p.m. PST and can be seen at FacebookTwitch and YouTube. Smith excitedly announced his role on the live-stream on Twitter.

DC Daily will feature a rotation of hosts and celebrity guests joining the daily cast. The show will be filmed and streamed daily from a new 2,100-square foot set at a Warner Bros. Digital Networks location in Burbank, California, which can be seen above.

The program will be primarily available on the DC Universe service, with select segments also available to view for free on additional online channels.

Here is the synopsis for DC Daily:

DC Daily will offer DC UNIVERSE members an added depth of news content that ties back to the original series, comics and community on the new service launching this Fall. DC Daily will be hosted by a variety of faces familiar to DC fans, with special guests and other co-hosts joining the daily cast. Currently the DC Daily format is scheduled to include 'Headlines,' a run-down of daily news briefs; 'Reports,' a single-topic segment that may feature an in-depth interview or deep dive into an upcoming book, film or series; and 'Talk,' a panel discussion including in-depth analysis about today's hottest topics and news, which will be exclusively available only to DC UNIVERSE members via the service.

DC Daily will be filmed and streamed daily from an all-new, dedicated 2,100 square foot set built especially for the show at a Warner Bros. Digital Networks studio location in Burbank, California. The custom-designed sets include original large-format panel artwork of iconic DC characters, as well as plenty of conversational seating, demonstration stations and stand-up viewing areas for hosts, guest commentators and special guests.

DC Daily is expected to launch sometime this fall.