Stan Lee Makes His First-Ever Cameo In A DC Movie

Stan Lee's cameo power is so strong that he's started to move across the aisle to DC movies. The Marvel Comics legend has become an ubiquitous presence in Marvel movies, appearing in both Marvel Studios and X-Men movies for the past few decades. But Lee does not belong to one cinematic universe, as shown by his most recent cameo in his first DC Comics movie.Spoilers follow.

"This is Stan Lee — dig my subtle cameo! This is a DC movie? I gotta get outta here!"

That's how Stan Lee's brief, but significant cameo goes in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. It's such a fleeting appearance that it could have been voiced by anyone who can do a passable Stan Lee impression. But no, that's the Marvel maestro himself, according to Inverse.

The cameo takes place when the Teen Titans visit the Warner Bros. studio lot and is delivered in the Cartoon Network show's typical meta-humor. As they are starstruck by all the A-list stars, a man in the background with a very familiar head of white hair and mustache starts to mug at the camera. When the Titans leave, he runs up to the camera and says the above line, just to hammer in the meta-joke.

And that's not all! He appears again in the film's action-packed climax, Inverse writes. This time, he admits that he doesn't care that it's a DC movie anymore, he just loves doing cameos too much. A statement that rings too true, considering the breadth of Stan Lee's cameo career, which goes all the way back to 1989.

Though this Stan Lee cameo seems out of character for a legend so tied to his Marvel creations, it makes total sense in the Teen Titans Go! universe. The Cartoon Network show — spun off of the more straight-laced Teen Titans — has built a reputation as a snarky, fourth-wall-breaking series that loves to take shots at all comic book properties. (This is only one of about a billion comic book Easter eggs, I'm assuming.)

So don't count on Lee making another DC Comics cameo – this is probably a one and done deal. Though perhaps we'll see him making more animated superhero cameos — Teen Titans Go! follows his brief appearance in Disney's Big Hero 6. Because, come on, he just looks so cute as a cartoon.