'American Horror Story' Season 8 Will Bring On The 'Apocalypse'

American Horror Story season 8 is unleashing Apocalypse, and not a moment too soon! The upcoming season of Ryan Murphy's frequently over-the-top horror show how has a title: American Horror Story: Apocalypse. It also has some appropriately creepy artwork, which you can see below.

Someone call Idris Elba: the Apocalypse is un-cancelled. At least as far as American Horror Story is concerned. We had previously learned the upcoming Horror Story season would feature a crossover between season 1, Murder House, and season 3, Coven. And now this crossover has itself a name, and some very crimson art work.

Murder House concluded with Connie Britton's character giving birth to a baby that also just happened to be the Antichrist. And we all know what to expect when you're expecting a devil-baby: bad times. Perhaps Murphy and company will be borrowing from The Omen for their new season – in that classic film, a young boy just happened to be the Antichrist, sent to Earth to bring about its demise. If that's what's happening here, it's still not clear what the crossover with Coven is. But hopefully Emma Roberts will show up at some point and say, "Surprise, bitch!"

"It's a season unlike anything we've done because there's a big hook to it," Ryan Murphy told EW. "There's a huge thing that happens in episode five." A huge thing, you say?! This I gotta see! Murphy also added: "You will see so many fan favorites return that you'll feel like it's The Love Boat. It's a very high concept."

In the past, the creator and producer said: "There will be characters from Murder House and characters from Coven together...I've [already] started going to actors from both of the seasons, quietly, saying, 'I think in this window, if you could fit us in,'...So yeah, it's fun. It's weird."

I gave up on American Horror Story after Asylum – the show was just too goofy for me, and I'd rather focus on much better horror shows like Channel Zero. I also much prefer Murphy's other show with Story in the title – American Crime Story. That said, I know people still love this dang series, despite how silly it gets. These people will no doubt be very excited about all of this. I, meanwhile, am excited at the prospect of apocalypse. Bring it on, I say! Unless you're talking about Oscar Isaac in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Apocalypse! Wow!

Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, Adina Porter, Cheyenne Jackson, and Joan Collins are all set to appear in American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which returns to FX on September 12, 2018.