'Wonder Woman 1984' Reveals Kristen Wiig As Barbara Minerva Before She Becomes The Villainous Cheetah

Though she will become a fierce supervillain predator that goes by Cheetah, Wonder Woman 1984's Barbara Minerva resembles more of a mouse. At least she does before she transforms into one of Wonder Woman's greatest foes.

Director Patty Jenkins has provided us with a first look at the character, showing us Kristen Wiig in costume as the mousy Barbara Minerva, who, in the comics, is an archaeologist who gets cursed and possessed by an evil entity known as Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 Cheetah First Look

wonder woman 1984 first look cheetahWonder Woman 1984 certainly seems to be leaning into the character's archaeologist roots, introducing Wiig's character in Washington, D.C.'s Natural History Museum. However, her somewhat mousy, feminine appearance suggests she's not the adventurous type. Wiig's Barbara Minerva looks more along the lines of a museum curator than archaeologist — which actually makes sense given Diana Prince's (Gal Gadot) real-life job as an art historian working at the Louvre.In the comics, Diana and Barbara are close friends before Barbara becomes her archnemesis, lending their struggle an extra layer of tragedy. Placing both Diana and Barbara in the museum curator circuit seems like the perfect way for the two to meet and become best friends in Wonder Woman 1984.

But how do we know that Diana has already started working as an art historian in 1984 — a job we saw her occupying in present day in Batman v. Superman, Justice League, and Wonder Woman's flashforward scenes? Well, social media has spotted Gal Gadot and Chris Pine (returning as a possibly resurrected Steve Trevor!) filming at D.C.'s Hirshhorn Museum, a modern arts museum. We can then make the natural logical leap that she will already be working as an art historian at this time. Or maybe she just really loves museums. But we've also seen a picture of Diana at the whiskey bar in the infamous Watergate Hotel, which could mean all manner of things (She loves whiskey? Hotels? Espionage?). Whatever the case, I can't wait for Wonder Woman 1984 to hit theaters and showcase all the iconic locations of my hometown of Washington, D.C.

Production is underway in D.C., Alexandria, Virginia, as well as overseas in the United Kingdom, Spain and the Canary Islands. Patty Jenkins returns to direct the film, which also stars Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives in theaters on November 1, 2019.

Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman's next big screen adventure finds her facing an all-new foe: The Cheetah. As previously announced, the film also stars Kristen Wiig in the role of the Super-Villain The Cheetah, as well as Pedro Pascal. Chris Pine also returns as Steve Trevor.