'The Predator' Trailer Breakdown: The Super-Predator Is Here, And The Hunt Is On

A new trailer for 20th Century Fox's The Predator arrived this morning, and it's a massive improvement over the first teaser that came out last month. Cover yourselves in mud and join us below for a full The Predator trailer breakdown.

The Predator trailer breakdown 1

No offense to Jacob Tremblay, the young actor who broke out after 2015's Room, but opening this new trailer with Sterling K. Brown ominously talking about how he's in "acquisitions" is an infinitely cooler introduction to this movie than Tremblay ordering Predator parts on Amazon. And is Brown's character chewing gum? He even manages to make that look cool.

The Predator trailer breakdown 2

Seeing the Fox logo in PredatorVision™ is a nice touch that continues to set the tone for what we're about to see. This trailer doesn't have an official red-band designation in its description, but make no mistake: some shit's about to go down.

The Predator trailer breakdown 3

"If it bleeds, we can kill it." That's one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most memorable lines from the original 1987 Predator, and it looks like Boyd Holbrook's character is learning that same lesson in this flashback sequence to when he and his team discover a downed alien spacecraft. Green blood apparently doesn't smell too good.

The Predator trailer breakdown 4

Also in the wreckage: a dinged up Predator helmet. Notice the claw marks across its left eye.

The Predator trailer breakdown 5

There's Sterling K. Brown again, looking like the raddest dude in the galaxy. I love his demeanor throughout this whole trailer – he's like a Men in Black agent, completely unfazed by all of this alien stuff. His hands are in his pockets, for God's sake! This is just a regular Tuesday for him.

The Predator trailer breakdown 6

"We need to know if you and your men pose a threat," an agent says to Holbrook. "We're Rangers," Holbrook responds. "Isn't posing a threat kind of the f***ing point?" (Gotta love that Shane Black/Fred Dekker dialogue.) Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes certainly seems intimidating, since he's willing to put his lit cigarette out on his own tongue.

The Predator trailer breakdown 7

From the Veterans Affairs office, Holbrook is thrown onto a transport bus with "The Loonies," guys like Alfie Allen and Keegan-Michael Key – the latter of which delivers a "your mom" joke that sounds like something Shane Black's character would have said in the original Predator. Thomas Jane's character, who looks like he has a serious case of PTSD, doesn't take kindly to the joke – but we quickly realize it's all a ruse to get the guards into the back so they can overpower them and get the hell off that bus.

The Predator trailer breakdown 8

Meanwhile, a bunch of scientists have strapped a Predator to an operating table, which I'm sure will only lead to good things for everyone involved.

The Predator trailer breakdown 9

Whoops! Just kidding, it leads to the Predator getting loose and brutally murdering all of the scientists in the room except for Olivia Munn, who's hiding behind some blood-spattered glass. Silly me.

The Predator trailer breakdown 10

Looks like he really wanted that helmet back. And while I was sure this helmet would be the same as the scratched one we saw earlier in the trailer, a closer inspection reveals that this one doesn't have those scratch marks. So that confirms there are multiple Predators running around in this movie, and that's not even counting...

The Predator trailer breakdown 11

...this freakin' thing, which comes bursting through the wall to grab one of the regular-sized hunters. While a few different names have been floated for this mega-beast, a Fox representative told me that internally they're calling it a Super-Predator, so that's what we'll go with moving forward. I kinda love that the first appearance of this creature picks up right where the first trailer leaves off; it's almost like the marketing team is admitting that people didn't love the first trailer, so they're one-upping it in the most direct way possible this time.

The Predator trailer breakdown

"We may die. We're still here. So come and get us, motherf***er," Holbrook's character says. To me, this seems like the perfect last line of the movie, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it employed in that context to set up another sequel.

I don't know about you, but I'm way more excited about this movie after this trailer than I was before, and it looks like Black might deliver a real crowd-pleaser with this one. The Predator blasts into theaters on September 14, 2018.