'The Grinch' Trailer: The Grinch Is Still Grumpy, But He's Also So Adorable

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch. Except, the latest The Grinch trailer shows us how he wasn't always mean. In fact, he was — and is — still cuddly and adorable.

Because as much as Benedict Cumberbatch can strain his voice, and as many grouchy faces that The Grinch pulls, there's no denying that the animation design for Dr. Seuss's iconic character is super cute and fluffy.

The Grinch Trailer

Look at those big eyes, huge head and little body. How could you not immediately go "aww"? And the latest The Grinch trailer hammers that in even more with a peek at The Grinch's past, when his eyes, head and heart were two sizes bigger. The poor Grinch was an orphan who lived in an isolated orphanage that didn't celebrate Christmas, and angry, he decides to spread his suffering to the rest of Whoville.

That includes stealing a woman's pickles (before spitting them out and putting them back), creating a flying contraption for his dog Max, and trying to sneak through the crunchiest snow that ever existed. Yes, the antics only get cuter from there — and this movie cannot convince me that this Grinch is anything more than a cuddly floofball. Just look at all the comfy scarves he wears! To be honest, it seems like this movie is setting the Grinch up to lead his own potential franchise.

The Grinch is directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier, written by Michael LeSieur and Tommy Swerdlow.

Here is the official synopsis for The Grinch:

Academy Award® nominee Benedict Cumberbatch lends his voice to the infamous Grinch, who lives a solitary life inside a cave on Mt. Crumpet with only his loyal dog, Max, for company. With a cave rigged with inventions and contraptions for his day-to-day needs, the Grinch only sees his neighbors in Who-ville when he runs out of food. Each year at Christmas they disrupt his tranquil solitude with their increasingly bigger, brighter and louder celebrations. When the Whos declare they are going to make Christmas three times bigger this year, the Grinch realizes there is only one way for him to gain some peace and quiet: he must steal Christmas. To do so, he decides he will pose as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, even going so far as to trap a lackadaisical misfit reindeer to pull his sleigh.

Meanwhile, down in Who-ville, Cindy-Lou Who—a young girl overflowing with holiday cheer—plots with her gang of friends to trap Santa Claus as he makes his Christmas Eve rounds so that she can thank him for help for her overworked single mother. As Christmas approaches, however, her good-natured scheme threatens to collide with the Grinch's more nefarious one. Will Cindy-Lou achieve her goal of finally meeting Santa Claus? Will the Grinch succeed in silencing the Whos' holiday cheer once and for all?

The Grinch opens in theaters on November 9, 2018.