First Look At Universal Studios Hollywood's New Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor's Quest Attraction

Kung Fu Panda will be bringing his brand of awesome to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. The DreamWorks Theatre Featuring Kung Fu Panda is opening this summer to help you learn how to master your destiny, and maybe embark on your own quest. Replacing Shrek 4-D, the new Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor's Quest attraction is a multi-sensory and immersive experience that a lucky few got to experience before it opens later this month.

Coming Soon was one of the lucky few to tour of the Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor's Quest attraction before it opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 15, 2018. They shared a few details, as well as a few incredibly cool images from the theme park ride.

Kung Fu Panda The Emperor's Quest First Look

Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor's Quest is located near the front of the park, right before you hit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Coming Soon writes. The attraction sits in the newly built Dreamworks Theatre which boasts "Mediterranean architecture...a studio garden-patio environment, custom tile work, and a studio marquee out front."

"Guests will first enter the theater lobby for a pre-show," Coming Soon writes. "An animated, slumbering Pinocchio will mutter one-liners in his sleep as people enter; there will be awards for various DreamWorks productions on display; and the Magic Mirror will hang on the wall."

The DreamWorks Theatre Featuring Kung Fu Panda isn't limited to Kung Fu Panda — the theater will host a whole bevy of DreamWorks characters, including the displaced Shrek. Universal creative director Jon Corfino told Coming Soon that LED panels featuring DreamWorks characters will grace the walls, and show fun scenes of Po and Shrek arguing (Po wins, of course).

But the best part of the attraction: No 3D glasses are needed. Instead, the show uses projection-mapping to create an immersive 180 degree film. About 241 seats are available in the theater, each responsive to the film playing. Head over to Coming Soon for a full account of the attraction.

Here is the summary of the attraction per a press release:

"On the morning of The Emperor's Great Feast of Heroes, dragon warrior Po embarks on a wild and perilous mission to deliver the rare and precious Liquid of Limitless Power to the Palace, while enlisting guests to join him on the exciting adventure filled with raging rapids, river pirates, awesome magic and Kung Fu."

Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor's Quest officially opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 15, 2018.