Brian De Palma Is Writing A Horror Movie That Features A Harvey Weinstein-Inspired Character. Says 'Domino' May Never Be Released

It's been six years since we've seen a movie from Brian De Palma, the director of Carrie, Scarface, and Mission: Impossible. He has completed a new film that we may never see (more on that in a minute), but in the meantime, De Palma says he's writing a new horror movie that features a "sexual aggressor" in the mold of infamous producer Harvey Weinstein. Learn more about the potential Brian De Palma Harvey Weinstein movie below.

Speaking with a French outlet called Le Parisien (via The Playlist), the 77-year-old filmmaker revealed that he's been thinking a lot about the scandal that's currently ripping through Hollywood – so much, in fact, that he's writing a script about it. Here's his translated quote:

"I am writing a film about this scandal, which I am currently discussing with a French producer. My character will not be called Harvey Weinstein. But it will be a horror movie, with a sexual aggressor, and it will take place in the film industry."

Brian De Palma is a legend of cinema. He's made some incredible films: The Untouchables, Blow Out, Body Double, and plenty more...but his predilection for lurid storytelling means he's also occasionally made some true garbage. (Have you ever tried watching The Bonfire of the Vanities? I gave up and it takes a lot for me to abandon a movie after I've started it.) He might have been able to tackle a controversial topic like Harvey Weinstein and sexual assault 30 years ago, but his recent work suggests that he may have lost his ability to effectively manage the incendiary chaos that defined much of his earlier filmography. I guess when it comes right down to it, I'm not entirely convinced he'll be able to add anything concrete to the conversation here. But it sounds like he's giving it a shot, so we'll see how it turns out.

I mentioned earlier that De Palma hasn't made a movie since 2012's Passion, though he has a newly finished product waiting to be seen. That film is called Domino, and it stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Guy Pearce, and Carice van Houten, but it sounds like the shoot wasn't exactly a high point of his career.

"It was a horrible experience," he said. "The film was underfunded, it was far behind, the producer did not stop lying to us and did not pay some of my staff. I do not know at all if this feature will be released." Yikes.

You can read the full article for more from De Palma, including his thoughts on the current state of Hollywood movies, whether he's interested in making a movie for Netflix, and more.