Possible 'Zombieland 2' Plot Details Have Crawled From The Grave

Recently we learned that the long-rumored Zombleland sequel might finally be happening, arriving in 2019 for the film's 10th anniversary. Now, potential new Zombieland 2 plot details have surfaced to give us an idea of what this horror-comedy is all about.

Things appear to be moving fast on the Zombieland 2 front. A few weeks ago, we had no idea the movie was even happening. Then, last week, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick confirmed plans for the sequel were underway, and that everyone was hopeful the original cast would reprise their roles. Now, we have some potential Zombieland 2 plot details. It's worth nothing that we have not confirmed these details, so they're best considered a rumor at this point. But over at Splash Report, a source has offered up what amounts to a lengthy plot synopsis.

The sequel, which is apparently titled Zombieland, Too for some reason, finds the world much-changed from the events of Zombieland. The zombies we saw in the first film are dying out, being replaced by super zombies, which are described as "giant, muscular, incredibly tough beings that are only able to be killed through a headshot. A horde of these super-zombies has been migrating from city to city, destroying everything in its wake."

The original group from the first film – Woody Harrelson's Tallahassee, Jesse Eisenberg's Columbus, Emma Stone's Wichita, and Abigail Breslin's Little Rock – must band together again to stop these super zombies. They're joined by a new group of zombie fighters – "Reno, TB, Cleveland, Madison, and a few others." Per the source's plot synopsis:

"Reno is the Eve to Tallahassee's Adam. She is everything he could ever dream of badass, skilled, strong. They're a match made in heaven... if only she would take him. TB is Tallahassee's spitting image. Essentially the same person. Similarly with Columbus and Cleveland. Madison is a ditzy blonde who Columbus hooks up with after Wichita freaks out from the lack of zombies and leaves (yeah, that happens really early on, it's not a spoiler). The dynamic these new characters bring to the group make for some of the most entertaining scenes in the entire franchise. However, since they are mainly just extensions of the main four, they are pretty thin as individual personas."

I'm not quite sure why Emma Stone's character would "freak out from the lack of zombies", but perhaps this is simply a way to get the busy, Oscar-winning Stone out of the film quickly (if any of this is true). Meanwhile, the rest of the gang set out to find Breslin's character Little Rock, who has run away with an unnamed character. Per the source: "Columbus, Tallahassee, and Wichita embark on a journey that takes them all the way across the country to hopefully save LR from certain death."

I have to say I have my doubts about this entire synopsis. Perhaps it's just a case of poor wording on the source's part, but none of this really makes much sense, and the idea of having the original team of zombie hunters come across a new group that looks and acts exactly like them is lifted directly from a scene in Shaun of the Dead. Of course, Reese and Wernick (if they did indeed write this script) could've simply lifted this idea from Shaun and expanded on it for their own use, but I just can't help but think there's something fishy about this.

But maybe I'm wrong! Maybe this really is the plot of Zombieland, Too, or perhaps it's from an earlier draft that's been changed in recent years. As of now, all of this is rumor and speculation. We don't even know if the original cast will want to come back and reprise their roles. That's just the hope. When quizzed about the film, Reese and Wernick said:

"We are sitting on information that we can't entirely share at this moment, but we can just say we think fans of Zombieland who have been hoping for a Zombieland 2, that we will grant their wish very, very soon."

When and if Zombieland 2 (or Zombieland, Too) gets made, the original film's director Reuben Fleisher – who also directed the upcoming Venom – is expected to return to helm. If all goes according to plan, the Zombieland sequel will arrive in October 2019.