Possible 'Avengers 4' Title Debunked By Kevin Feige

Everyone is dying to know what the title of Avengers 4 is. Directors the Russo Brothers have been playing coy, but that hasn't stopped fans from guessing. So while we wait to learn what the Avengers 4 title will be, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige took time out of his busy schedule to tell everyone what the Avengers 4 title won't be. 

We still don't know what Avengers 4 is going to be called, and in the last few weeks, trying to guess the potential title has become a pastime for fans. The Russo Brothers already have a name picked out, but they're not ready to tell us what it is yet. ""We do have a name for it, we're just not announcing it," they said, "and I think we came to that name fairly early in the development process. It speaks to the heart of the story."

That could mean a number of things. One thing it doesn't mean, however, is that the film will be called Infinity Gauntlet. I could've told you that to begin with, since that's way too clunky for a movie title. But The Infinity Gauntlet is actually the name of a five-issue American comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics as part of the Secret Wars story. Some fans have put forth that this could be the name of the Infinity War film follow-up, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says no way, no how. In fact, he calls it his "favorite wrong theory."

"My favorite wrong theory about Avengers 4 is that it will be called Infinity Gauntlet," Feige told Collider. "Definitely not called that." Feige also added: "When we [will] announce the title I am not sure, but as I've probably said to you, it's gotten completely blown out of proportion."

In other words, everyone take a deep breath and relax. And then feel free to jump down into the comments section and tell us what you think Avengers 4 is going to be called.

Avengers 4: Who The Hell Knows opens on May 3, 2019.