Watch: Pixar-Themed Parade And Fireworks At Disneyland's Pixar Fest, 'Up' Show At Animal Kingdom

Pixar is one of Disney's greatest assets, but thus far, the animation giant hasn't had much of a significant presence in the company's theme parks. Sure, there's an occasional attraction here and there (Toy Story Mania, etc.) and even a section devoted to Cars at Disneyland's California Adventure, but Pixar is about to become a much bigger player there with the upcoming Pixar Pier.

For those who can't visit the parks in person, we have a few videos below of a new Pixar-branded parade and fireworks show seen during the festivities at the limited-time celebration known as Pixar Fest, as well as a permanent Up-themed addition to Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom.

First up, here's some footage of a new Pixar-themed fireworks/light show as seen on Main Street, U.S.A., complete with references to Toy Story, Cars, and many more:

Next, here's a video of the entire Pixar Play Parade, featuring characters from Monsters University, The Incredibles grooving to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," and more:

And finally, I'll leave you with this new Up-themed bird show called UP! A Great Bird Adventure that's now a regular attraction at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Enjoy!