Is Universal Making A New 'Doom' Movie?

News about a major Hollywood studio making a new film adaption of a popular video game property is typically revealed through either a splashy official announcement or a journalist's reporting. But we may have just learned that Universal is making a new Doom movie through a tweet from an actress who's supposedly involved. Find out more below.

Is A New Doom Movie Coming?

DreadCentral points us to a tweet from an actress and singer/songwriter named Nina Bergman, who says she's going to be starring in a new Doom film from Universal Pictures.

She also promises the film will have a "much better script" than the 2005 Doom film that starred Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban:

Who is Directing?

The tweet Bergman is responding to here has been deleted, but it sounds like this is her answering a question about the director of this project:

Upon closer examination, it seems as if Bergman was really saying that the person she was tweeting there, director Tony Giglio, is the person directing this movie. Bergman's first tweet mentioned filming in Bulgaria, and yesterday Giglio said that's where he was, too:

Giglio has primarily directed low-level action movies that you've likely never heard of. (The biggest thing he's done so far is the 2005 Jason Statham movie Chaos.) Couple Giglio's credits with the fact that Nina Bergman has starred in small-time movies with titles like Assassin X and Burn Off, and all signs point to this Doom movie being a direct-to-VOD film.

There's nothing wrong with that – there's a whole market of hard-hitting action films these days that go straight to VOD, starring people like Scott Adkins – but for those who were hoping to see another huge, multi-million dollar mainstream production, that doesn't seem likely right now. That would also explain why we've never heard of this movie, or heard about any casting announcements or news about a writer or director. (I reached out to Universal to get some more information about this film, but they didn't immediately respond for comment.)

The most recent Doom video game came out in 2016, and it was a big seller that received strong reviews. It's a sharply-written, funny game that doesn't concentrate much on story, but is overflowing with personality and wit (as well as plenty of gore, a long-time staple of this franchise). If a movie uses that as inspiration, this could be totally different than the movie version from 2005. But it have enough of a budget to support those ambitions?

There's certainly a significantly-sized fan community out there who would want Hollywood to take another crack at making a movie, but will they get excited about a direct-to-VOD version? We heard rumors back in 2011 that Universal was developing a 3D reboot of Doom, so we'll have to wait and see if it pans out this time.