'Reboot: The Guardian Code' Trailer: Netflix Reboots Your '90s Nostalgia

Raise your hand if you're a '90s kid and you remember ReBoot. I sadly don't, though I do remember its more kid-friendly PBS equivalent, Cyberchase.

It seems like Reboot: The Guardian Code, the Netflix, uh, reboot of the series, is banking on a combination of nostalgia for the original show and the near-universal familiarity with Power Rangers.

The original ReBoot was an entirely CG-animated series (uncommon in the '90s!) that followed the lives of a mainframe Guardian named Bob and his companions Enzo and Dot Matrix, who live within the self-contained digital world of a computer. They would frequently become trapped in nefarious video games launched by outside human users and have to do battle with viruses known as Megabyte and Hexadecimal.

But the ReBoot reboot is a mixed live-action/CGI series that does away with Bob, Enzo, and Dot Matrix, replacing them with four spunky teens who are recruited to protect cyberspace.

Reboot The Guardian Code Trailer

Ty Wood, Sydney Scotia, Ajay Parikh-Friese, and Gabriel Darku play the students at Alan Turing High School who are unwittingly tasked with protecting cyberspace by the robotic V.E.R.A, a "virtual evolutionary recombinant avatar." Bob, Dot, Enzo and other characters from the original show have been confirmed to appear in the series, but in supporting roles.

It's basically Power Rangers-lite, down to the kooky sidekick and the cool transformations. But when the four kids make their way to cyberspace, the show starts looking like the old ReBoot again, right down to the clunky graphics — which, to be fair, were cutting edge at the time. They gain digitized avatars, which again, look a lot like Power Rangers suits (with a little bit of Iron Man thrown in for good measure). Maybe it's part of the nostalgic appeal, but this show has certainly got that blocky, '90s-era CGI style down pat.

Here is the official synopsis for Reboot: The Guardian Code:

The show is a cool mix of live action and awesome animation about the adventures of four teenagers who become the Next-Generation Guardians of Cyberspace with the help of an artificially intelligent bio-constructed teenage girl. This Netflix Original Series debuts worldwide on March 30th, stay tuned for dates in Canada!

Reboot: The Guardian Code debuts on Netflix on March 30, 2018.