Deadpool Live Tweeted The Super Bowl, Because Of Course He Did

That rascal Deadpool was nowhere to be seen on TV during the Super Bowl, but everyone's favorite vulgar superhero took some time out of his busy life to live tweet the big game. The Deadpool Super Bowl live tweets are, predictably, full of the type of bawdy humor Deadpool fans know and love.

Remember Deadpool? He's back, in live tweet form. There were many movies advertised during this year's Super Bowl, but Deadpool 2 was not among them. While a Deadpool 2 Super Bowl spot failed to materialize, the highly anticipated follow-up found another, cheaper way to keep Deadpool in the conversation: live tweeting. The official Deadpool Twitter account spent the eventing live tweeting the entire game, with some poor social media intern forced to pretend they were Deadpool while making constant sexual innuendo-laced jokes.

Does "Deadpool" talk about his balls? You better believe he does. See for yourself in the following Deadpool Super Bowl live tweets.

Here Are Jokes About Balls

Hilarious! What about going to the bathroom? That's always funny, right? Did Deadpool have some bathroom jokes? Yes. Yes he did. And then some.

Here Are Jokes About Going to the Bathroom 

Heavens to Betsy, someone stop this vulgarian! He's too much! Here are some other choice Deadpool witticisms:

Then there's this joke, which I don't even really get. I suppose it's a reference to the scene in the first Deadpool where Deadpool is slowly driving a Zamboni towards a bad guy on the ice, but why it was brought up during the Super Bowl remains a mystery to me. Perhaps it happened during an advertisement for Alexa. Or perhaps all these jokes are just too sophisticated for me.

All of this is, predictably, silly, but it's also kind of genius. Super Bowl commercials cost millions of dollars. And while Fox could've likely shelled out that cold hard cash for Deadpool 2 TV spot, they realized they could keep a higher profile through the whole game for virtually no money via this live tweet idea. They didn't even have to pay Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds a dime here to utter these jokes. So well done, whomever came up with this idea. You've earned yourself a nice pat on the back.

Deadpool 2 opens on May 18, 2018.

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